The “brain” behind the famous Google Pixel camera has left the company

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According to a new report from The Information, two senior Pixel department leaders, including the computer researcher who led the Pixel camera photography development team, Marc Levoy, have left Google recently. here. The other official is the former Pixel general manager, Mario Queiroz.

Having been involved in the development of Android devices for Google from the start, but Mr. Queiroz is said to have left the Pixel group about two months before Google launched the Pixel 4, to take on a position to report directly to Google CEO Sundar Pichai. . However, according to The Information report and LinkedIn profile page, in January, he left Google to join Palo Alto Networks.

Bộ não đứng sau camera danh tiếng của Google Pixel đã rời khỏi công ty - Ảnh 1.

Google Pixel 4 smartphone

Meanwhile, Mr. Levoy – who quietly left Google in March – is an important member of Pixel’s imaging team, with expertise in computer photography that helped build the reputation of cameras for power. This phone has features like HDR +, Portrait Mode, and Night Sight. This trio of pioneering features has fundamentally changed the camera market on smartphones.

However, the camera reputation of the Pixel phones has not saved its sales. Not many people expect Google Pixel to keep up with iPhone sales, but the failure of Android manufacturers to gain market share before names like Samsung and Huawei has disappointed senior executives.

In a report by The Information, during a high-level meeting of the hardware group, Google’s Hardware division chief Rick Osterloh once criticized the company for its Pixel 4. Not only did he disagree with some of the decisions about this phone, but he was also disappointed with the battery life of this smartphone.

This is also a review of reviewers as well as users about this device. Indeed, the Pixel 4 has become a failure for the company itself, as it only sold 2 million units, far behind the 3.5 million units of the Pixel 3 series. is a remarkable success with 3 million units sold after only the first two quarters of sales.

Creating a breakthrough in the smartphone market has been a long-standing ambition of the search giant Google. After working with many partners to develop the less successful Nexus line, Google has embarked on the Pixel line and achieved certain success. However, it clearly has not met the company’s expectations so far.

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