The boss of Google’s iOS division revealed how to use the iPhone “like a pro”

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Since Motorola DROID was released in November 2019, Android and iOS have turned the smartphone industry into a two-way battle. Google’s mobile operating system currently owns more than 70% of the smartphone market, iOS owns 26.5%, according to statistics from Statcounter.

Sếp bộ phận iOS của Google bật mí cách dùng iPhone like a pro - Ảnh 1.

Last week, Google posted information about Luke Wroblewski, iOS team leader at Google. That’s right, Google doesn’t just have an operating system, they also have apps and of course iOS should be an important part. Wroblewski says he and his team “make sure Google’s entire product line works as well on iOS as it does on Android – and that Google apps use the latest iOS functionality to work even better with our iPhones and iPads,” says Wroblewski. people and more.”

Sếp bộ phận iOS của Google bật mí cách dùng iPhone like a pro - Ảnh 2.

With WWDC 2021 set to take place next Monday, Luke is “on high alert” as Apple is expected to announce some upcoming changes with iOS 15.” We really want people to see that using Using our products on the iPhone will make Google more useful to them,” says Luke . “And every time Apple updates its operating system, it gives us even more opportunities to improve Google’s apps by taking advantage of the new capabilities of these devices.”

In the blog Wroblewski revealed some tips for proficient iPhone users. Google’s iOS team leader recommends using widgets, especially the Google Photos widget that he likes best. Luke says that widgets are great for iOS users because they “bring the most useful things to you when you need them”.

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Speaking of widgets, he suggests personalizing the background of the Google widget on iOS. Another expert user setting that Wroblewski does is switch Chrome tabs from phone to computer. The feature, called Handoff, allows him to start browsing a website on his iPhone and continue reading it on his Mac.

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Another feature that iOS savvy users should use is sharing directions from the desktop version of Google Maps with iPhone. When you click on an address on Google Maps for desktop, you’ll see a “Send to your phone” button, which Luke says is helpful because “This is what’s really important to us: Integration not only between our apps, but also across different devices and platforms.”


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If you use your iPhone for work and play, Luke recommends using Incognito Mode when using the Google iOS app. Long-pressing your profile picture activates this mode, preventing search requests you make from being recorded on your iPhone. He also loves the Siri shortcut he has set up for Google News.

Siri Shortcuts keeps track of any processes you have to run certain apps and suggests you open these apps when you normally do. “I think it’s a really helpful experience when commonly used actions, like checking news, show up on your phone when you need it, Wroblewski said . With the Shortcuts app, users can also create their own shortcuts.

Sếp bộ phận iOS của Google bật mí cách dùng iPhone like a pro - Ảnh 6.

To keep files you’ve stored on Google Drive safe, Luke recommends adding an extra layer of security by requiring biometric verification to open the Drive app. With this setup, users will have to pass Face ID or Touch ID to access Drive.

No wonder Google suggests using Google Assistant to help you find your lost iPhone. First, you’ll need to turn on notifications for the Google Home app and set up Voice Match to answer “Find my iPhone” or “Where’s my iPhone?” If you can’t find your iPhone, say either phrase and the Assistant will be able to find it even if Do Not Disturb or Silent mode is on. (as long as Critical alerts are enabled).

It sounds strange, but here are suggestions from a Googler to help you become a better iPhone user!

Reference: PhoneArena

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