The boring truth about the iPhone 11 Pro’s night mode

Tram Ho

Not so long ago, the PetaPixel website posted a series of photos taken by reporter Amos Chapple with his new iPhone 11 Pro in Russia, namely the North Pole. The response of the readers was very positive, but there was one person who sent Chapple an email, which indicated a specification that he thought was worthy of attention. Turns out, the low-light mode “Night Mode” of the iPhone 11 Pro does not really work with the telephoto lens of the device, but this phone is still “gong” to full size so that the resulting image looks like it was taken with “Night Mode”.

In fact, Apple has fooled us all – fooling some of the most influential tech journalists in the press. One of them, reporter Juli Clover of MacRumors, noticed the low quality of telephoto shots with Night Mode, but still came to an “unquestionable” conclusion, that “The picture looks best when taken with a wide-angle camera, because it is a higher quality lens.”

Sự thật chán chường về chế độ chụp đêm của iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 1.

Lens cluster on iPhone 11 Pro

Not necessarily so.

Chapple verified that iPhone 11 Pro’s telephoto camera didn’t support Night Mode by going to a park near the house. Check out the photos he took below.

The first is a photo taken from a wide-angle (1x) lens, without a tripod:

Sự thật chán chường về chế độ chụp đêm của iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 2.

The same scene, but taken with telephoto lens (2x) and Night Mode:

Sự thật chán chường về chế độ chụp đêm của iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 3.

We already know that it’s hard to force the iPhone to activate Night Mode when shooting with a 2x lens, and it will only activate this mode when the scene is really dark, such as the position where the statue is in the image above. . Just look at the metadata of the two photos (below), you will easily recognize the reluctance of the iPhone.

Sự thật chán chường về chế độ chụp đêm của iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 4.

Screen capture showing 2x telephoto lens being used with Night Mode

When using a telephoto lens, as soon as the camera activates Night Mode, the iPhone will silently switch back to the wide-angle lens (main lens, 1x) and ..zoom the number to the focal length equal to the 2x telephoto lens so that deceive users.

According to Chapple, the camera interface doesn’t show this, but he can confirm by waving a finger in front of a 1x lens while the iPhone “recognizes” it is using a 2x telephoto lens.

Sự thật chán chường về chế độ chụp đêm của iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 5.

Metadata from the two photos shows the file size and focal length of the lens in use

The metadata of the photos further confirms Chapple’s assertion – though the photo taken has a different angle, and the iPhone insists that it is taken with two different lenses, the focal length is exactly the same, which is still 4.25mm.

Next is the image size: Apple was quite devious when upscale the image has been zoomed before, helping to keep the image size is 3024 x 4032px. This makes it difficult for the user to see at a glance if the other image is a low quality digital zoom image.

In the information Apple provided on the website, they specified which lens had optical image stabilization (OIS) – wide-angle and telephoto lenses, but also on that page, they listed “Night Mode” as one of The camera’s properties don’t mention that it only supports wide-angle lenses.

Sự thật chán chường về chế độ chụp đêm của iPhone 11 Pro - Ảnh 6.

What a disappointment, not from a technology perspective, but a matter of honesty. No one has denied the power of the iPhone 11 Pro camera, and perhaps nobody blames Apple for limiting support to Night Mode only on one lens. But they should have been public about it rather than trying to hide the problem. Lie by ignoring information that you don’t want to tell, which is a lie anyway.

Reference: PetaPixel

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