The billionaire father pushed his son to the street and demanded to earn a living within a month, the result was unexpected!

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Người cha tỷ phú đẩy con trai độc tôn ra đường và yêu cầu tự kiếm sống trong vòng 1 tháng, kết quả sau đó đầy bất ngờ! - Ảnh 1.

In an effort to educate the son who has lived a “golden spoon” life since birth, India’s richest diamond billionaire Gujarati – the boss of the diamond empire has a presence in 71 countries. all over the world convinced his son to come to Kochi – a province in southwestern India and find a job to survive for a month.

21-year-old Dravya Dholakia was studying for an MBA in the United States and returned to his hometown of India on a vacation. However, without taking too long a rest, a few days later Dravya had to go to Kochi with 3 clothes and 7,000 rupees that his father told him to be used only in case of emergency.

Người cha tỷ phú đẩy con trai độc tôn ra đường và yêu cầu tự kiếm sống trong vòng 1 tháng, kết quả sau đó đầy bất ngờ! - Ảnh 2.

“I gave him three conditions: I told my son that first he needed to work on his own to earn money and not work in one place for more than a week; he was not allowed to reveal his identity or use a cell phone. I need to give my children about 7,000 rupees in a month, I want my kids to understand about life and how poor it is for them to find a job and make money No university can teach you life skills except real experience, “says Savji Dholakia, owner of India’s largest diamond export company, Kare Krishna.

Dravya accepted the challenge of his father and decided to go to a completely unknown place – where he was not fluent in the local language there and found a job. Despite knowing that she was about to face many difficulties, Dravya could not have imagined it would be so bad.

“During the 5 days, I could not find a job or a place to live, I was very worried because I had been rejected by 60 places, nobody knew who I was here. I understood what failure and the value of a job”.

Dravya finally found a job in a bakery in Charanelloor. After that, he continued to work at a telephone exchange, a shoe store, even a McDonald’s with an income of over 4,000 rupees a month. “I never had to worry about money and here I even had difficulty finding myself a meal worth 40 rupees. Not to mention 20 more rupees to find accommodation.”

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