The ban was blocked at the last minute, WeChat temporarily escaped death

Tram Ho

The confrontation between the US government and Chinese apps is showing its drama as at the last minute, a judge in California blocked the US Commerce Department’s ban on text messaging app downloads. WeChat in the US market.

US judge Laurel Beeler said in his decision that WeChat users showed ” serious questions regarding the value of the First Amendment, the balance of the First Amendment,the Reuters report said. challenge the plaintiff’s interests . ”

Lệnh cấm bị chặn vào phút chót, WeChat tạm thoát chết - Ảnh 1.

On Friday, the US Commerce Department pointed out how to implement the ban President Trump threatened months ago: starting last night, US users won’t be able to download apps. WeChat and TikTok from the app stores, including the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, as well as other app stores in the US.

However, on Saturday, a proposal for the creation of TikTok Global, a partnership between US TikTok with Oracle and Walmart was raised. As a result, the US Commerce Department postponed the ban on TikTok until September 27. The WeChat ban was finally stopped by a judge in California.

Last month, a group of WeChat users who called themselves the WeChat Alliance filed a lawsuit alleging that the ban violates user procedures and the right to free speech. The lawsuit also noted that the ban may target Chinese-Americans, as WeChat is ” the primary application that Chinese speakers in the US use to engage in social life by connecting with people who are they love, share special moments, debate ideas, receive updates and participate in discussions and political advocacy . ”

WeChat Alliance is not related to the company in any way.

Beeler’s interim ban also blocks a US Commerce Department ban, which prohibits transactions on WeChat in the US. While the US government has identified “significant” threats to national security, there is ” little evidence of the effectiveness of the WeChat ban on all US users to address the concern.” That is, “said Ms. Beeler.

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