The Apple Watch continues to save lives in various ways

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The report, compiled by CNET , introduces the various ways that the Apple Watch has provided effective assistance for users, from improving health to keeping them alive.

A year ago, Heather Hendershot in Pomona, Kansas, USA received a notice on the Apple Watch that her heart rate is higher than 120 beats per minute. This is part of the Apple Watch high heart rate alert feature. Notifications are given all night long despite the lack of symptoms, prompting Henderhot to initially think that Apple’s wearable device is incorrect. She said even she “couldn’t feel my heart beating.”

The next day, Henderson was still careful to go to a clinic and was asked to diagnose hyperthyroidism. “It wasn’t until I heard the doctors mention ICU that I realized how serious the whole situation was,” Henderson said.

“I’m not someone who randomly checks my heart rate,” she continued, “so I’m confident I won’t be able to detect it without the Apple Watch.”

 Apple Watch tiếp tục cứu sống nhiều người bằng những cách khác nhau - Ảnh 1.

Some of the health feature changes in watchOS 7 include new types of workouts and sleep tracking.

Another story came from Jason Saucier in Orlando, Florida, USA in September 2019 when he was warned by an Apple watch about possible heart problems, a few weeks after he began to feel unwell. “As soon as I put on my watch, it made a sound that I had never heard before. I looked down and said that I was suffering from aFib,” Saucier stated.

aFib is a phenomenon of atrial fibrillation, a condition that can cause arrhythmia. Saucier still went to work that morning and suffered repeated warnings. He finally accepted to seek help from the emergency room, after a colleague said he looked very pale. “As soon as I got there, the medical team immediately understood my situation and said that I was on the verge of having a arrhythmia , he added.

After being discharged from the hospital the next day, he received the same notice a week later, and went directly to the emergency room instead of ignoring the notice. Five more days in the hospital, he was discharged from the hospital with new heart support drugs.

“It’s like something that brings a sense of security,” Saucier said of the Apple Watch. “I think I will use it for the rest of my life. It’s good that I have this watch on my behalf constantly monitoring my heart rate.”

 Apple Watch tiếp tục cứu sống nhiều người bằng những cách khác nhau - Ảnh 2.

The Apple Watch encourages users to act by creating anvil incentives.

The third story is about George Kometiani in Brooklyn, New York, USA, who decided to lose weight and become healthier. At the age of 30, he decided to do something to improve his ill health, caused by a weight of nearly 136 kg, accompanied by knee pain and snoring.

On the advice of a doctor, he lost more than 13 kg by changing his eating habits, but when he discovered snoring continued, and the muscles showed signs of disappearing, he changed his strategy. to use an Apple Watch. Attempting to complete his daily commute, as well as taking into account the fitness challenges and notifications given by the system, this guy has truly changed.

“It really helps me understand how much effort I need for my day,” Kometiani emphasized. A year later, Kometiani lost 45 kg, no snoring, joint pain, back pain and headache.

The report also includes stories previously mentioned, such as Kacie Anderson’s car accident, that used Siri on Apple Watch to call for help when stuck. Or Toralv Ostvang in Norway received police assistance after activating the nightbreak feature.

Stories that cite the Apple Watch behind saving or improving someone’s fitness may continue for a while, as Apple continues to add new features and functionality to this wearable device. . In the upcoming version of watchOS 7, the Apple Watch will feature new sleep tracking functions, new types of health record data, auditory health changes, four new exercises, and redesigned apps. Use Fitness and a 20-second timer to wash your hands.

Refer to Apple Insider

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