The 8 million USD eSports tournament for traders just took place

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WSOT is an annual event organized by Bybit that brings together the world’s top traders with the aim of removing barriers between traditional sports and online sports. The WSOT competition focuses on the ability to trade digital assets – a recognized profession in the world (in English is a trader), and this year was no exception. Players will compete in the world’s largest trading tournament to win a share of the record prize pool of up to 8 million USD along with other valuable prizes. This year, the number of participants broke a record with 69,082 candidates participating, double 2021.

Giải đấu dành riêng cho các trader trị giá 8 triệu USD vừa diễn ra - Ảnh 1.
Photo: Unicef ​​Vietnam/Truong Viet Hung

Ben Zhou, co-founder and CEO of Bybit, said: “This year’s WSOT is absolutely a race lift. We want to encourage gamers, traders and teams to enter the event in a competitive spirit and present themselves in the world’s largest trading tournament. We also want to take this opportunity to improve financial literacy and financial inclusion, and bring prosperity back to the masses.”

WSOT 2022 statistics:

Total number of regions eligible to participate: 182 countries

Total number of participants: 69,082 people

Total number of participants in Derivative Team mode: 57,203 people

Number of teams playing: 436 teams

Giải đấu dành riêng cho các trader trị giá 8 triệu USD vừa diễn ra - Ảnh 2.
Top 3 leading teams (Source: Bybit WSOT) with K2B team from Vietnam. At the top is the Korean team Maeeknam.

Towards the Community

Through participating in WSOT, participants will support UNICEF’s work to ensure all children have access to quality digital education. Bybit is committed to further deepening its partnership with UNICEF Aotearoa New Zealand to empower girls in the education of girls in East Asia and the Pacific with a donation equivalent to USD 400,000 at WSOT 2022, or 5 % of total prize plus contribution from Bybit.

The donation is intended for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 4 towards “equal and inclusive quality education” through UNICEF’s efforts. The donation helps fund – among other initiatives – digital education for girls in the region by making it possible for disadvantaged groups to access science and technology education through Innovative educational solutions.

“To overcome global challenges and ensure a level playing field for future generations, we must bridge the gender gap and further support the education of girls,” said Zhou. . We are grateful for the opportunity to use our platform and resources to support UNICEF, to ensure all children have guaranteed gender-equal access to quality education, especially for children. the most vulnerable groups of children.”

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