The 7 most popular features that users love will be added to OnePlus on their phones

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While Apple is famous for its philosophy that users themselves do not know what they want until Apple gives them to them, OnePlus is trying to prove the opposite, they will choose the features that users love. bridge to put in their equipment.

Earlier this year, OnePlus launched the IDEAS program, for users to suggest new features in their OxygenOS operating system. According to OnePlus, the show has been a buzz “with over 5,000 proposals and tens of thousands of discussions” on the matter. In September, OnePlus continued to launch IDEAS 2.0, which just ended on November 6 with many exciting new features.

Here are the features that will be accepted by OnePlus in its new version of the operating system:

7 tính năng người dùng ưa chuộng nhất sẽ được OnePlus đưa vào điện thoại của mình - Ảnh 1.

Adjust volume individually for each app and allow two sounds to be heard at the same time: The idea behind this feature is relatively straightforward, as it allows each app to have its own volume setting. This also means that the sound from other applications, or even system applications like incoming calls, does not interrupt what the user is listening to. This way the user can either allow or deny apps that can pause songs they’re listening to.

Take screenshots of each part: with this feature, taking screenshots will allow users to select a specific area of ​​the image to save. This is especially useful when saving screenshots of social media sites, where the focus of attention is on a certain image area.

Lock screen customization: Basically, this feature allows users to further customize the lock screen functions and how it will look with clock types, shortcuts and even weather information. .

Wireless file transfer between PC to OnePlus and vice versa: “A file on a laptop can be shared with OnePlus in just one click” – just like AirDrop, this feature makes file sharing easy and seamless. more circuit.

7 tính năng người dùng ưa chuộng nhất sẽ được OnePlus đưa vào điện thoại của mình - Ảnh 2.

Added optional in-game FPS counter: this is an interesting feature, as it allows the user to know the device’s gaming performance in hand. More and more new smartphones are coming out with high-frequency swept displays, so it’s interesting to see how your games utilize that power.

Dark mode adds a recording color option, instead of just black: Dark mode is becoming more and more popular as Android itself has had this native feature for a long time. But it seems that many OnePlus users do not like a deep black screen that appears before their eyes, instead, they prefer gray gray tones to both soothe the eyes and still be able to see the weaknesses. on-screen interface elements.

Power Diet feature – compared to the Battery Saver battery saver feature available in Android today, this feature goes even further. When turned on, users can only text or call like a basic phone when the battery is low. Several other devices from Samsung or LG already have the same feature.

These are all very useful features and will be great once OnePlus starts making it available to its devices. It is possible that knowing these features will appear in the coming time somewhat detracts from the excitement of users, but at least it will make them excited because their voice is respected by manufacturers.

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