The 7 billion logo shows that Xiaomi learned the most important lesson from Apple

Tram Ho

For a believer in technology like me, Xiaomi’s 7 billion logo these days are truly a special event. It’s especially not because of the terrible price tag for a nearly the same logo, but because the “coverage” is so terrible. This is probably the first time in many years that this Chinese brand has not only received a lot of attention on technology news sites but also news sites that specialize in other areas, for example. (teenage) or (business).

My Facebook also witnessed the same show. Even siblings who have been loyal to the iPhone for a long time (and perhaps just buy a Xiaomi headset or battery) also mention the 7 billion logo. To them, this is really an interesting “drama”: a company spends a ton of money just to round up a little bit of their logo. The more interesting / ridiculous when Xiaomi uploads the new logo to Facebook, the image is cropped all around and becomes … no different from the old logo.

Logo 7 tỷ cho thấy Xiaomi đã học được bài học quan trọng nhất từ Apple - Ảnh 1.

The colors are almost the same, the font remains the same: When the 4 rounded corners are the topic of discussion of netizens.

Personally, this move by Xiaomi immediately reminded Apple, the company that Xiaomi has always shamelessly “learned” from . And looking at how people talk about the Xiaomi logo, I think “Apple China” learned the most important lesson from the “genuine” Apple:

Above all, remember that the people who run Apple think extremely hard. None of the user’s reactions were out of their expectations.

The wisdom of Xiaomi

First of all, let’s take a look at the true nature of the 7 billion logo. Yes, everyone can see that this logo is not much different from the previous logo. And except for designers, not many people have extra time to go to measure each corner of the logo to find “perfection”. Remember when Google changed the logo of a whole series of applications , so much was criticized that no one cared anymore. I bet you, if we don’t talk much about the price tag, no one will pay attention to the Xiaomi logo.

In other words, the real value of the new logo is that it’s… not new. Because it is not new, because the resemblance is surprisingly old, the logo has created a media fever during the past few days. People talk about the price of 7 billion VND passionately without realizing that what Xiaomi really needs is not the new logo, but the media fever “attached”. Everywhere, everyone talks about Xiaomi.

Logo 7 tỷ cho thấy Xiaomi đã học được bài học quan trọng nhất từ Apple - Ảnh 2.

7 billion for the name Xiaomi to spread to those who probably did not care too much about Xiaomi.

For Xiaomi, 7 billion VND (or 2 million RMB to be exact) is therefore a very cheap price. That amount only equates to 0.0625% of Xiaomi’s profits in the fourth quarter of 2020. That money is only enough Xiaomi rented large billboards in about 50 “prime” locations in the West. Instead of holding 50 locations, Xiaomi has made the world talk about itself.

Moment for Xiaomi

More than ever, Xiaomi needs to get into the minds of the users. It has been almost a year since President Trump imposed a chip purchase ban on Huawei. The giant’s market share that once surpassed even Samsung is gradually moving to zero. At the same time, demand for smartphones around the world has not decreased significantly – even under the negative impact of Covid-19.

Obviously, Xiaomi is the biggest beneficiary of the disappearance of Huawei . But for many people, Xiaomi is still considered the “underneath” brand, associated with low-end low-end products. Xiaomi’s top-selling Xiaomi phones are usually priced under $ 150.

Logo 7 tỷ cho thấy Xiaomi đã học được bài học quan trọng nhất từ Apple - Ảnh 3.

7 billion so that new smartphones can “lean on” a widespread media storm …

Logo 7 tỷ cho thấy Xiaomi đã học được bài học quan trọng nhất từ Apple - Ảnh 4.

7 billion so that the netizens “speak for” Lei Jun that Xiaomi is changing.

A slightly modified logo is the best way for Xiaomi to change this image. Not surprisingly, the new logo also comes with a campaign to launch expensive flagship models like the Mi 11 Ultra and Mi Mix Fold. And not surprisingly, articles (or blog posts) about the new logo are almost always accompanied by the comments of CEO Lei Jun: “The spirit has changed”, the “perfect” logo, the people ” in harmony with technology “,” a brand brings a lot of conveniences to people “v … v …

As you can see, all are aimed at elevating the brand for Xiaomi. Cheap images are gradually being deleted. A new Xiaomi is appearing in everyone’s eyes with the spirit of “high-end” replacing the past / present cheaply.

7 billion for an almost unchanged logo is expensive. But 7 billion to transmit an extremely important message around the world, reaching hands to those who do not care about Xiaomi … It is really a too, too cheap price.

Lessons from Apple

Logo 7 tỷ cho thấy Xiaomi đã học được bài học quan trọng nhất từ Apple - Ảnh 5.

Before Xiaomi, another company already knew how to sell without spending too much on communication.

Xiaomi is not the first to turn users into “free” marketing pawns like this. Take a look at Apple. In 2019, Apple unveiled the screen stand for $ 1,000. This event immediately created a media fever on the absurd arrogance of the Apple family.

But “Above all, remember that the people who run Apple are extremely thoughtful.” Tim Cook acknowledges that if you sell a screen with a stand for $ 6,000, the Pro Display will quickly sink into oblivion. But just separating the base, Apple created a huge media fever. When talking about the $ 1,000 stand, netizens everywhere also accidentally created a media fever boosting the $ 5,000 Pro Display. Comes with the absurdity of the expensive stand are the positive messages about Pro Display that netizens have accidentally spread for free. Professional designers and editors – the real target of Apple – will therefore find the Pro Display bargain (and simply skip buying a thousand-dollar stand).

Logo 7 tỷ cho thấy Xiaomi đã học được bài học quan trọng nhất từ Apple - Ảnh 6.

Finally, Xiaomi has also learned the most important thing from Apple: the ability to “lead” the user.

That’s not the first time Apple has used the online community wisely. Talking about the decision to drop the headphone port, Apple bluntly declared itself “brave”. Results: The more angry netizens were, the more Apple fans were reminded of the AirPods. Or, do you remember about the 9 million dong wheels of the Mac Pro? Sure, no one will buy these wheels, but once again, the accompanying media storm has made the professional user – the object Apple really wants to aim for – unforgettable Mac Pro. .

For many years, Xiaomi has always considered Apple “teacher” with so many products “learn” at a blatant level. But now, when it was necessary to remove the cheap tag, Xiaomi had learned Apple’s most important weapon: the ability to magically guide consumers’ emotions (and words). A new game is about to open up in the eyes of the new Chinese giant, and “genuine” Apple will probably have to be wary. Now, “China’s Apple” is a lot wiser!

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