The 16-inch MacBook Pro uses the keyboard of 2015, but it turns out Apple has made significant improvements

Tram Ho

The newly launched 16-inch MacBook Pro marks a major change, as Apple decided to replace the controversial butterfly keyboard with a scissor keyboard. More durable scissor keys, introduced on its Magic Keyboards keyboard in 2015.

Apple claims that the 16-inch MacBook Pro keyboard can provide a comfortable, quiet typing experience. While Google Pixel Go uses a type of padlock called hush, it provides a completely silent typing experience.

MacBook Pro 16 inch sử dụng bàn phím của năm 2015, nhưng hóa ra Apple đã cải tiến đáng kể - Ảnh 1.

Therefore, the Wall Street Journal conducted a test, to see if the keyboard of the 16-inch MacBook Pro is comfortable and quiet as Apple said. To perform this test, the Wall Street Journal used a special room at Cooper Union College. The room has the ability to completely absorb sound reflection, so that it is possible to accurately measure sounds emanating directly from the object.

Joanna Stern of the Wall Street Journal uses a decibel, to measure the sound of each different keyboard type. Devices in this test include the 2018 MacBook Air, the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, 2015 MacBook Pro, Microsoft Surface Laptop 3, Dell XPS 13, and Google Pixelbook Go.

The results are as follows:

Typewriter – 60.2 decibels

MacBook Air with butterfly keyboard – 41.9 decibels

Surface Laptop 3 – 33.8 decibels

Dell XPS 13 – 32.3 decibels

MacBook Pro 2015 – 31.2 decibels

New 16-inch MacBook Pro – 30.3 decibels

Pixelbook Go – 30.1 decibels

Accordingly, the keyboard of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro works quite impressive with scissor lever. It has the second lowest noise level, just a bit bigger than the Pixelbook Go with the extremely quiet hush keyboard.

That also means Apple has significantly improved the keyboard of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, compared to the 2015 Magic Keyboards keyboard. Apple did not make users disappointed again. Reliability, volume level and key travel all provide a perfect and impressive typing experience.

Reference: 9to5mac

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