Thai Hoa revealed differences with character in ‘Blood Moon Party’

Tram Ho

Thái Hoà tiết lộ điểm khác biệt với nhân vật trong Tiệc trăng máu - Ảnh 1.

Celebrating the victory of the Blood Moon Party at WeChoice Awards 2020, actor Thai Hoa rewarded himself with a genuine iPhone 12 Pro Max

Favored by the audience as “the king of the box office”, Thai Hoa is famous for his quality roles thanks to his careful selection of scripts and his always working hard. He is also one of the names that make up the success of Blood Moon Party – the film has just won the Super Cup Movie of the Year at the WeChoice Awards 2020.

On the occasion of the end of the New Year, Thai Hoa decided to launch the genuine VN / A VN / A iPhone 12 Pro Max in Pacific Blue, right at the same time 24hStore has a Tet program, incentives up to VND 7,300,000.

Thái Hoà tiết lộ điểm khác biệt với nhân vật trong Tiệc trăng máu - Ảnh 2.

Actor Thai Hoa is wondering between two best-selling color versions of the time: Gold (Gold) and Pacific Blue (Pacific Blue).

Thai Hoa said that he himself likes the color green because it represents water, but the New Year needs “money like water”. Yellow also represents wealth, so he wonders between the two best-selling color versions today. Finally, after conscientious consultation, the actor decided to choose the fateful color version – Pacific Blue.

He has researched Tet program information at some prestigious retail locations in Ho Chi Minh City. Introduced by an acquaintance to the program of hunting sale to welcome Tet – get lucky money at the beginning of the year at 24hStore is one of the earliest programs, Thai Hoa decided to make a date to pick up the genuine iPhone 12 Pro Max here.

Another advantage of the Tet program at 24hStore is that the program duration is quite long, up to 90 days, suitable for busy customers like Thai Hoa who can arrange time to shop without have to wait, compete for the first spot.

Thái Hoà tiết lộ điểm khác biệt với nhân vật trong Tiệc trăng máu - Ảnh 3.

Breaking the box at the store, actor Thai Hoa was satisfied with the design, color and product quality after being instructed to check the machine by 24hStore staff.

Thai Hoa revealed something few people know: unlike the character in the Blood Moon Party, he is not a regular user of social networking sites, nor does he follow new technology trends, he only spends a lot of his time. learn, cultivate and work to bring the best movie productions to audiences.

This time to celebrate the Blood Moon Party with a convincing victory at the WeChoice Awards 2020, the iPhone 12 Pro Max – one of the best-selling phone lines in the market – for Thai Hoa is the most reasonable self-reward gift because Blood Moon Party content also revolves around phones with many private secrets hidden inside.

Not only satisfied with the gift but 24hStore is for all customers who come to buy phones, Thai Hoa is also extremely satisfied with the warranty, including falling and falling, in the water here. The actor said that he has a hobby of traveling to the sea, owning a genuine iPhone 12 Pro Max with a warranty for the case of entering the water to help him no longer fear that the device will be damaged if accidentally dropped into the water while engrossed. take photos, keep family moments together.

Thái Hoà tiết lộ điểm khác biệt với nhân vật trong Tiệc trăng máu - Ảnh 4.

Actor Thai Hoa expressed that he will share information about 24hStore so that friends, relatives and fans know a good place to shop for phones.

Joining the iPhone 12 Series at 24hStore, customers will be given a discount of up to VND7,300,000, committed to a good price, with a fast charging cup 18W Zin worth 350,000 VND, free Apple 12-month warranty, support 0% installment support without cash advance … If you buy the device on the first Monday of the week, customers will also receive an additional discount of up to 1% of the bill value, apply in parallel with all other discounts at at the same time.

Thái Hoà tiết lộ điểm khác biệt với nhân vật trong Tiệc trăng máu - Ảnh 5.

Customers shop crowded at 24hStore

If you have any questions about prices, policies as well as special Tet promotions only available at 24hStore, please pick up and call the call center 1900.0351, you will be conscientious advice to easily choose. the most satisfied product.

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