Tesla’s Powerwall battery in home after 4 years of use: Helps save more than US $ 100 in electricity each month, profitable after 7 years

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Four years ago, Tesla officially launched the Powerwall indoor battery system, with the first customer being the Pfitzner family in Australia. So far, after 4 years of using the Powerwall battery, this household has revealed the great effects of this battery system on their family.

Talking a bit about Powerwall, this is an indoor battery system with 2 versions: 3500 USD for 10 kWh or 3000 USD for 7 kWh. The size of a system is about 3-4 feet, about 6 inches thick, equipped with a heat management system. Powerwall batteries can be installed inside or outside the home wall.

Pin trong nhà Powerwall của Tesla sau 4 năm sử dụng: Giúp tiết kiệm hơn 100 USD tiền điện mỗi tháng, có lãi sau 7 năm - Ảnh 1.

Besides, users can fully use Powerwall as a backup system, allowing your house to operate normally without the need for electricity. In the words of Elon Musk, “the whole system is a very complex project” . When combined with a solar battery system, Powerwall will help you store the residual power to “fully charge the battery”, to use in the sun off time.

After more than 4 years of using Powerwall, the Pfitzner family has saved a total of $ 5700 in electricity costs, an average of about $ 120 per month. Of course, the Powerwall system alone is not enough to provide electricity for the entire Pfitzner family, as the family has up to 4 bedrooms, uses a lot of high-end electrical appliances, has a swimming pool. and an outdoor entertainment system – generally their electricity demand is much higher than that of a normal household.

Pin trong nhà Powerwall của Tesla sau 4 năm sử dụng: Giúp tiết kiệm hơn 100 USD tiền điện mỗi tháng, có lãi sau 7 năm - Ảnh 2.

In addition to saving electricity, the potential environmental protection of the Powerwall system is also very noticeable, as this system can reduce carbon emissions by up to about 6 tons per family.

The Pfitzner family spent about $ 10,800 on the installation of the Powerwall system four years ago, and according to the family’s results, in about three years, they will start to make a profit thanks to the “first installment”. initial “. This is also a result much faster than Tesla’s initial forecast of 20 years.

With such positive results, perhaps Powerwall will quickly become a great solution to address the energy crisis that will occur in the future.

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