Tesla dropped dramatically in China’s “car quality” survey

Tram Ho

In an auto survey in mainland China called the Initial Quality Study, Tesla fell to “below average quality”. Meanwhile, China’s top three electric vehicle start-ups are currently ranked in the top positions.

Tesla tụt hạng thê thảm trong cuộc khảo sát về “chất lượng xe” ở Trung Quốc - Ảnh 1.

Tesla Model 3 ranked third in the midsize battery electric vehicle (BEV) segment, behind BYD Co’s Han BEV and Xpeng’s P7.

The survey examined 50 models from 28 different car brands in 53 cities across mainland China. In addition, the survey also collected feedback from 3,986 vehicle owners who purchased a vehicle between September 2020 and March 2021.

Last year in another survey called China New Energy Vehicle Experience Index Study to evaluate the 2020 new energy vehicle experience index of a car consulting company, Tesla’s sedan was manufactured in Shanghai. ranked second behind Nio’s ES6 in the same segment.

Topping the list is currently NIO’s ES6 model in China’s luxury BEV (electric vehicle) segment, Xpeng’s G3 is the best compact BEV model while Li Auto’s Li One remains at the top of the segment. plug-in hybrid electric vehicle (PHEV) segment.

The decline of Tesla and the rise of domestic electric car brands in China is not too difficult to understand when many Chinese electric vehicle companies and start-ups are actively investing in new technology.

Jeff Cai, general manager of market analysis firm JD Power China said: “More and more car brands are joining the new energy vehicle (NEV) race. This makes the competition increasingly fierce. In particular, car brands have invested more resources in areas such as battery technology and smart features to create a difference and advantage with the predecessors.

Tesla tụt hạng thê thảm trong cuộc khảo sát về “chất lượng xe” ở Trung Quốc - Ảnh 2.

The study measures new car quality by looking at problems that Chinese car buyers face within the first two to six months after purchase.

Tian Maowei, sales manager at Yiyou Auto Service, Shanghai, revealed: “The survey results are an encouraging sign that Chinese electric vehicle companies have enough talent and potential to challenge Tesla. But they need to work harder to improve models and technologies. Victory over Tesla will not be achieved overnight.”

Tesla sold more than 130,000 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles in China in the first half of this year, close to full-year sales of 137,459 vehicles last year. During that period, Nio delivered 41,965 vehicles, nearly tripling from a year ago. Xpeng sold 30,738 units, up 458% over the same period last year. Li Auto’s sales also increased by 212% to 30,151 units.

Meanwhile, Tesla is facing a series of scandals that threaten to significantly affect the company’s reputation in the mayor of billions of people, especially issues related to vehicle quality. Just last month, Tesla had to recall more than 285,000 vehicles because of concerns about the safety of the cruise control function.

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