Tesla boss reveals new model information with desirable design elements

Tram Ho

Tesla Design Director Franz von Holzhausen has just revealed an interesting detail surrounding the future global lineup of the American pure-electric car brand.

Sếp Tesla để lộ thông tin mẫu xe mới với yếu tố thiết kế đáng mong chờ - Ảnh 1.

In the past few weeks, information about a “cheap” Tesla model called Model 2 has suddenly surfaced – Photo: Carscoops

The man who has been at the helm of designing the entire Tesla lineup for more than a decade, in an interview with CNBC at the ongoing Tesla show at the Petersen Auto Museum, was asked about the car’s design. which he liked best.

Franz said his favorite design is “coming soon” but he is not authorized to discuss the matter. The above factor is very remarkable when every Tesla car that we know today is not something too secret.

In addition to the already launched Tesla Model S/X/3/Y lineup, projects such as the Cybertruck pickup, Roadster sports car or Semi truck are no stranger to those who regularly follow the American brand. The way Tesla design director discloses information shows that there is a high probability that his favorite design lies in a model that has not been teased to users so far.

For the time being, Tesla has been working on a “low-cost” model under the current Model 3 that could launch soon in developing regions like India and Southeast Asia. This is the current only rumored name line of the American brand.

Still in the above interview, Franz confirmed that the Cybertruck design will still retain the controversial frame like the 2019 concept.

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