Telegram CEO complains because Apple is slow to approve software updates

Tram Ho

According to Pavel Durov, Apple is the dominant player in the technology market and they are making app developers big and small suffer. Even with Telegram, one of the 10 most popular messaging apps in the world, still facing difficulties in the review process, smaller applications from less well-known companies will certainly face more difficulties. more difficult.

CEO Telegram phàn nàn vì Apple chậm duyệt bản cập nhập phần mềm - Ảnh 1.

After Telegram sent an update for iOS to Apple, they had to wait “hopefully” because it didn’t know when it would be approved and what the issues causing the delay were. Apple was not given any response.

The reason for Apple’s slow review of Telegram is still open because until now, only Apple knows why but they have not said it. Apple announced that each week it has more than 500 experts around the world who review about 100,000 applications. That’s a huge amount of work. To date, more than 1 million applications submitted to the Apple Store have been rejected because they do not meet the requirements.

This is not the first time Durov has criticized Apple, in the past he has also repeatedly condemned the 30% fee for In-App Purchases transactions on the App Store and 2 months ago also accused Apple of deliberately limited capabilities of Telegram Web version.

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Source : Genk