Telecommunications and Internet enterprises arrange resources to monitor and support to ensure smooth infrastructure

Tram Ho

In order to prevent and combat the risk of network information insecurity occurring during the National Day holiday on September 2 this year, the Ministry of Information and Communications has just requested agencies, organizations and businesses to strengthen the implementation of security assurance work. complete network information for information systems under management.

Accordingly, agencies, organizations and enterprises are requested to review and stop the information system in case the information system safety has not been ensured as prescribed by law.

Monitor and protect information systems. Assign on-site forces to deploy surveillance and ensure network information security 24/7. Request network information security service providers (if any) to consolidate and prioritize resources for the task of monitoring and protecting information systems.

Along with that, agencies, organizations and businesses also need to set up a hotline to receive incident notifications. All incidents must be reported to the Ministry of Information and Communications, directly the Department of Information Security within 5 days from the date of detecting the incident for monitoring, management and coordination.

For enterprises providing telecommunications and Internet services and those providing digital transformation platforms, according to the recommendation of the Ministry of Information and Communications, it is necessary to arrange resources to monitor, support and overcome problems. To strive to ensure safe and smooth telecommunications and Internet infrastructure.

At the same time, deploying technical measures at the highest level to detect, block, filter, prevent network attacks, spread malicious information, illegal information on information systems and infrastructure. network under management. Strictly and promptly implement handling measures at the request of the Ministry of Information and Communications and competent authorities.

Also in the new content sent to ministries, branches, localities, corporations, state corporations, Internet and telecommunications service providers, and financial and banking institutions, the Ministry of Information and Communications also requested units to proactively organize response activities to network information security incidents for systems under their management in order to detect, prevent, handle and promptly remedy network information security incidents.

In addition, agencies, organizations and businesses also need to appoint a focal point to receive information with the Information Security Department, the Ministry of Information and Communications. In case of needing assistance in monitoring, handling and responding to incidents, the units are requested to contact the Information Security Department.

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Source : Genk