Technology giants Yahoo and Alibaba contribute genetic research with AI to help fight the corona virus disease

Tram Ho

Technology giants Yahoo and Alibaba have been quietly researching genes for years, now these studies can become very useful.

In China, many technology companies have donated a large amount of money to help prevent and combat the disease caused by Wuhan-origin corona virus. Internet giants Yahoo and Alibaba recently announced they would contribute their genetic research using AI, promising to find a cure and prevent corona virus in Wuhan.

Hai gã khổng lồ công nghệ Yahoo và Alibaba đóng góp nghiên cứu gen bằng AI để giúp chống lại dịch bệnh virus corona - Ảnh 1.

Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing division of China’s largest e-commerce giant, announced on Wednesday that it will provide free AI-powered computing and processing capabilities to the cloud. scientific research organizations. Internet giant Baidu also contributed by a special algorithm for scientists.

Epidemiologists in China are currently racing to death, to find a vaccine and a treatment for corona virus in Wuhan. The secret to preventing corona virus is hidden in its genome, and decoding the genome is very important. The efforts of researchers in Australia have helped recreate the corona virus and map its gene sequences.

While Alibaba is known for its e-commerce and online payment giant, the cloud division has studied both genetics and genetics since 2015. Alibaba Cloud uses AI to provide computational power. and cloud-based processing for research institutions, such as the Beijing Genetic Research Institute (one of the world’s largest genetic research agencies).

Alibaba and Yahoo have claimed to break the record in completing the process of decoding a complete genome with high accuracy, and the time is only 15 minutes. All of these achievements and backgrounds will be provided free of charge so that research institutions can find a cure and prevent corona virus as soon as possible.

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