Technology arena FPT Techday 2019 – where weapons are lines of code

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The technology arena – the largest scale programming playground ever

In the middle of the 1,000m2 space of the FPT Techday 2019 exhibition at the National Convention Center, the “technology arena” area only accounts for about one third of the space, but it is the place with the most lively atmosphere. . The presence of thousands of fans cheering on more than 400 “gladiators” makes this programming contest as appealing as a professional gaming tournament. This year, FPT Techday 2019 takes the theme as Start Smart, in which, Head of Technology is like a smart start for young people who like programming.

The “gladiators” present here are IT programmers and students from leading universities such as the University of Technology (Hanoi National University), Hanoi University of Technology and FPT University … Not only wishing to hold 150 million awards, but the “gladiators” also want to take the opportunity to rub, learn the latest technology for the ongoing digital transformation trend. Many IT students were recruited right after this tournament.

Đấu trường công nghệ FPT Techday 2019 - nơi vũ khí là những dòng code - Ảnh 1.

The atmosphere at the Technology Arena is always “boiling hot” with the attractive competition

The tournament stresses academic and professionalism

Young, vibrant, but not so that scholarly is overlooked. The three “games” offered by the organizers are: gold digging AI, gladiator Coder and BOT are the games that challenge the player’s programming ability, using languages ​​like C ++; C #; JAVA; JavaScript; Python 2; Python 3, application to solve technology problems. After the game, players will have a certain experience with technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and RPA (Robotic Process Automation) technology – the latest and most important technologies. Top minds in the world today

Đấu trường công nghệ FPT Techday 2019 - nơi vũ khí là những dòng code - Ảnh 2.

Champion of the Great War Bot (2nd from the right) focuses on taking the test

With AI Gold Miner, the attraction in gameplay and application technology has made the game more attractive than expected by the organizers. From the number of 9 teams, has been upgraded to 12 teams right now G. Each team consists of 2-3 members using programming languages ​​to create the virtual Gold Phu in the smartest way, with the ability Automatic tactic processing, flexible in real time, to find the most gold with limited energy.

Meanwhile, the great BOT BOT was a competition of 30 independent “gladiators”. Based on akaBot platform (dedicated in FPT’s enterprise process automation), contestants develop virtual robots and “teach” them the knowledge necessary to solve process automation problems. run the business.

The most intense and combat-heavy is the “Coder Gladiator”. The competition is divided into two rounds of Combat Pants and Boss Hunting, with rules not unlike the survival games today. The fighting ring has 08 matches, each game has 50 programmers using programming language to solve the organizers’ problem. Contestants solve the most problems, fastest in each battle, enter the second round – BOSS hunt. In this round, the gladiators will have to face directly with the Code Boss – the “cheek” programmers of FPT and are divided in increasing levels. If the boss is defeated, the “gladiator” will advance to the next round until he meets the most “boss” boss.

The final result, “fighter” Nguyen Huu Kien (Posts and Telecommunications Academy) became the champion of the “Gladiator Coder” with a score of 500 points, surpassing the boss of the organizers thanks to faster 3 minute. In the Golden Dao AI competition, the “Anhnph” team consisting of 2 members Nguyen Pham Hung Anh (FGA – FPT Software) and Tran Duy Tuan (freelance programming engineer) won the first place, while programmer Vu Van Tung (DDS.ADD – FPT Software) won the BOT contest.

Đấu trường công nghệ FPT Techday 2019 - nơi vũ khí là những dòng code - Ảnh 3.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Thuy Duong, representative of the Organizing Committee, presented the reward to the champion of the Gold Digging AI team.

According to Mr. Cao Van Viet – representative of the organizers, the teams participating in this contest are quite strong and have good code ability. He also said that this is a very good opportunity for young programmers to expand their relationships to learn and develop their work from the competition built from the same platforms and technology products. FPT develop. “If you can prove your ability in the Colosseum, you can completely apply for FPT”, Mr. Viet affirmed.

FPT’s biggest technology forum in 2019 (FPT Techday 2019) under the theme “Smart start” attracted more than 4,500 attendees, including 500 senior leaders and technology experts from banks. goods, businesses in many fields.

Focusing on the hottest topics, the forum has helped organizations, businesses and banks find the starting point for the digital transformation journey, creating breakthrough development momentum to lead the way.

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