Technologies that help businesses continue to cut costs and manpower to resume business when Covid-19 goes through

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Những công nghệ giúp doanh nghiệp tiếp tục cắt giảm chi phí, nhân lực để bắt nhịp kinh doanh trở lại khi Covid-19 đi qua - Ảnh 1.

The effects of digital transformation are evident in three aspects: the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic on the business operations of the business; the value of technology and digital transformation in the fight against widespread disease outbreaks; and technologies that accelerate the post-epidemic transformation.

The most pronounced impacts of Covid-19 on enterprises

3 typical negative impacts:

Unable to meet direct customers.

Sales performance significantly reduced.

Unable to continue production or interrupted production.

However, there are still positive effects businesses can take advantage of from the crisis:

Improve the ability of corporate collaboration remotely.

The value of digital transformation and technology is clearly recognized and widely recognized.

Opportunities to seize and develop online marketing and online business.

Những công nghệ giúp doanh nghiệp tiếp tục cắt giảm chi phí, nhân lực để bắt nhịp kinh doanh trở lại khi Covid-19 đi qua - Ảnh 2.

Among IT fields that are negatively affected, hardware will be more heavily affected than software, while traditional technology will be more affected by the emergence of new technologies. Smart products, front-end devices will be more affected than back-end infrastructure products.

Traditional models, cumbersome hardware, which are expensive, require a lot of highly specialized personnel, must be maintained and upgraded manually for several weeks. In the context of the need to quickly change the way of operation and business such as changing to an online environment, deploying to work remotely …, these fixed technologies cannot be “moved” even literally and figurative meaning.

Meanwhile, cloud infrastructure technologies stand out for their high flexibility, optimal cost savings and resources: initialization and upgrading times in seconds, not actually owning hardware. It does not require high qualifications, many personnel, the cost calculated according to the actual capacity to the minute … helps businesses feel less burdened in maintaining a struggling seasonal business.

Among the technology segments that receive a positive impact, business cooperation platforms and online work will benefit the most, followed by cloud computing (Cloud Computing), robots, AI, Big Data and 5G.

New measures businesses need to promote to continue the digital transformation after the pandemic

To cope with the challenges of the COVID-19 epidemic and the economic situation, businesses need to focus on online transformation in the following 5 areas right in 2020:

Create models and scripts for working, collaborating remotely.

Research new business models and new business growth points.

Building an online competitive model.

Reduce costs by converting as much expensive, fixed technology assets to the cloud as possible, improve operational efficiency, and explore 5G and IoT technology application scenarios.

Digital transformation shows the increasing value in the fight against disease

The outbreak of COVID-19 can be said to be an occasion to help people fully recognize the value of IT systems. Virtual offices, online marketing, meetings, video conferencing, customer management, support and remote services … have played a big role in dealing with the challenges caused by the disease.

Những công nghệ giúp doanh nghiệp tiếp tục cắt giảm chi phí, nhân lực để bắt nhịp kinh doanh trở lại khi Covid-19 đi qua - Ảnh 3.

Businesses that lead the way in digital transformation or have early digital conversion are less affected by the disease, while those that lead in automation and optimize working resources have a greater advantage in operating. Remote and overall work efficiency is also higher.

The sudden outbreak of this epidemic is like a wake-up call to businesses about their awareness of coping with force majeure situations that will likely occur in the future. This will motivate businesses to transform digitally to be fully ready in similar situations.

With Cloud + AI + 5G / IoT as a catalyst, deeper integration of online and offline services will continue to increase.

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