Taking a selfie is the only way to turn off this alarm clock

Ngoc Huynh

Dragging your sleepy self out of bed every morning is hard — really, really hard. If you’re anything like me, you hit snooze on your phone’s alarm a few times, and by the time you’re actually physically out of bed, you’re still groggy and grumpy.

A new app called Snap Me Up puts a new spin on waking up: It forces you to take a selfie in order to turn off the alarm. (Also, proof you woke up like this.)

The app is actually kind of ingenious. Just think about it: By the time you’ve positioned yourself for a selfie, you’ve already opened your eyes — meaning you’re at least semi-prepared to tackle the day ahead.

To be fair, though, creative alarm clock apps that force you to do something to turn off the sounds aren’t really new. There are all kinds of alarm clock apps like ones that make you solve a puzzle or get up and spin around.

Nonetheless, a selfie-based alarm clock probably resonates more with the young ‘uns these days. a selfie-based alarm clock probably resonates more with the young ‘uns these days.

I installed the app on an Android, and it’s pretty simple. You can set regular alarms and timers (for naps, for example), and a built-in face detection prevents you from cheating and taking a blurry selfie. You can also set the camera to face front or back.

The selfies required to turn off the alarm aren’t wasted; they’re saved in a photo album called “My sleepy snaps” and display the date and time. Clearly, a lot of your morning selfies won’t be very flattering, but they’ll be funny to look through once you’ve accrued enough — and had a cup of coffee. Oh, look at that crazy bedhead last year, you’ll say one day with a chuckle.

The only thing I find annoying about the app is the Google ads on the bottom of your Sleepy Snaps album; sometimes, they open in fullscreen, too. I wish an in-app purchase option existed to let you pay a small fee to turn them off.

Snap Me Up is currently only for Android and is available on the Google Play Store for free.

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