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The Tokyo Olympic Games have finally taken place, a year later than expected. If you’re a fan of Samsung smartphones, you probably already know that in recent years, Samsung has often released special products to celebrate the Olympics and often will be given to athletes. However, this tradition has not only begun in recent years, but two decades ago, Samsung began to pay attention to the Olympics.

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 1.

Since 2000 – coincidentally the same year that mobile phone throwing is considered a sport in Finland – Samsung officially started sponsoring the Olympic games, and started releasing phones with the five ring logo Famous circles appear on them.

Samsung phones have changed a lot over the past 20 years. Smartphones are relatively recent, and some of the first Samsung Olympic phones will really remind you of the past.

So, to reminisce about two decades of sports and phones, review all of Samsung’s Olympic-themed phones, both feature phones and smartphones, to take you on a trip down the memory lane. Note, the Winter Olympic versions are not listed here.

Sydney 2000 – Samsung SGH-600

The Samsung SGH-600 was released in 1999, but to celebrate the Sydney Olympics, Samsung came up with a version with a small Olympic logo on the flip cover.

This phone has 65 hours of battery life, a 96 x 32 resolution screen and all basic feature bar phone functions. The keys are concealed by a rather distinctive flip-down cover.

Sydney Olympics Samsung Mobile Phone VHS Ad (2000)

Although Samsung claims to have sold three million units of the SGH-600, it is unclear how many Olympic-themed versions will be produced. However, it seems that this phone is made to add prestige to Samsung’s name, rather than focusing on sales of special editions.

Athens 2004 – Samsung SGH-i530

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 3.

After four years, the 2004 Greek Olympics featured the SGH-i530 as the sponsored phone. As you can see in the name of the device, this phone is in the same line as the SGH-600, but it is a true flip phone.

The phone has a main screen of 176 x 162 pixels with an external display of 128 x 96 pixels when folded and has 32 MB of RAM, 96 hours of battery life. Running PalmOS, the SGH-i530 is exactly what you’d expect from a popular flip phone – except that the home screen is even better, a touchscreen.

It is unclear whether the Olympic-branded version of the i530 will be sold, however several thousand were given out at the event to officials and athletes.

Beijing 2008 – Samsung SGH-i688

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 4.

The SGH-i688 is the first device on this list without a keyboard. It’s a mobile phone with a touch screen.

With a 320 x 240 pixel display, 3MP rear and 0.3MP front cameras, 128MB of storage, and 230 hours of battery life, it’s a really powerful phone compared to what’s come before – though perhaps not suitable for your modern smartphone.

This is also the first Samsung Olympic phone to move the five-circle logo to the back of the device, next to the Samsung logo on the removable back of the device.

While this is a high-end Olympic phone, Samsung also released the E848 slide phone, the P318 feature phone and the U308 touchscreen phone it is said to have used at the Olympics with the i688.

London 2012 – Samsung Galaxy SIII

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 5.

When the Samsung Galaxy S series launched in 2010, it was only a matter of time before we saw their Olympic versions appear, and in 2012, the Galaxy SIII was already in service.

This Android smartphone has a 4.8-inch HD screen, 2GB RAM and up to 64GB of storage, 8MP rear and 1.9MP front cameras, and a 2,100mAh battery. There’s also a physical home button, a feature that seems outdated these days.

The famous actor Rowan Atkinson (you may know him as Mr Bean) was seen using this phone during the Olympic opening ceremony.

Unfortunately no version of the S3 Olympic has been sold to users, but it has been given to athletes and celebrities. The Olympic version of the phone has a large ‘Team GB’ red blue lion on the back which is very eye-catching.

Rio 2016 – Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 6.

The Brazilian Olympic Games came with the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, the phone with the famous curved screen, and this special black and blue Olympic version has already gone on sale in some regions.

The S7 Edge has a 5.5-inch FHD+ display, 12MP rear and 5MP front cameras, a 3,600mAh battery, and runs Android 6. It’s not the first Samsung phone with a dual-edge curved display, as the S6 Edge has started that trend and before that was the Galaxy Note Edge with a curved screen on one side.

The Olympic S7 Edge is one of the special Olympic phones on this list, as it has actually been marketed, although like the others, it is also given to athletes. With its dark blue-black color scheme, light blue border, yellow home button and speakers, and prominent Olympic rings, this is perhaps Samsung’s best-looking Olympic release yet.

Tokyo 2020: Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 7.

With the Olympics still slated to take place in 2020, a gold color version of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus has been announced for the event.

This version is said to have the same specs as the original S20 Plus, i.e. a 6.7-inch FHD+ display, four rear cameras, a 4,500mAh battery, and an Exynos 990 chip.

When the Olympics were postponed, this version of the S20 Plus was canceled – even so, if launched it will also be sold only in Japan.

Tokyo 2021: Samsung Galaxy S21

Điểm danh những chiếc điện thoại Samsung đã gắn liền với Olympic - Ảnh 8.

Finally, it is the Galaxy S21 that has the “official” Olympic version and Samsung has used purple, along with the camera cluster and yellow border is very impressive, it has a white Olympic logo on the back. .

Like the standard Galaxy S21, the device has a 6.2-inch screen, three rear cameras, a 4,000mAh battery, and an Exynos 2100 chip.

This product has actually been sold to users, albeit exclusively through the Japanese Docomo network – so you can’t easily get it.

Reference: TechRadar

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