Why Rails is still a good choice for today, tomorrow and tomorrow

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  1. Introduce
  2. Why do we use Ruby On Rails
  3. Salary Ruby on Rails
  4. Numeric Separators
  5. String.prototype.replaceAll ()
  6. Logical Assignment Operators
  7. Conclude

1. Introduction

  • For a web developer, new or old, ruby ​​on rails is a question mark for choosing a programming language to develop skills.
  • We often use web apps for a number of different purposes but has been wondering how they were developed or what factors played a role in their development.
  • Today’s article I want to delve into the reasons why ROR is such a good choice until today, the role of the day and the future.

2. Why do we use Ruby On Rails

  • When it comes to Ruby, it is impossible not to mention Ruby on Rails, it is a great Ruby framework when they combine together.
  • Ruby on Rails is a framework (MVC) that web developers use around the world. It has become the top choice for web development due to its efficiency, performance and unique features.
  • Rails was first released in 2004, is a web server application written in Ruby language.With Rails we can build a product very quickly because it helps a lot to get started. build a web application. Here are some advantages of Rails
  1. The syntax, functions in rails are declared very easy to understand, new programmers can look at the name of the variable or function to understand its function.
  2. It is in popular use around the world, with a large development community chosen by many developers
  3. Cross-platform design allows use on many different operating systems.
  4. Lots of libraries and tools to help reduce costs.
  5. Rails has features to protect common issues like CSRF, Script Injection, SQL Injection, and the like.
  6. The strongest point is the active record, which helps us to shorten the query as short as possible compared to SQL
  7. Some big companies use Ruby on Rails like Netflix, Airbnb, Microsoft

3. Salary Ruby on Rails

  • Today with the rise of Python and Javascript, Ruby has been somewhat burdened because it is old, out of date and its popularity declines, but the demand for Ruby on Rails developers is still huge
  • Below is an example of the income level of a developer in the US. Salary gives us a deeper insight into the supply / demand side of the Rails platform developer recruitment market
  • In terms of popularity Ruby is among the most popular languages ​​alongside Javascript and Python when ranking popularity on Stackverflow and Github.

4. Costs when using Ruby on Rails

  • Ruby on Rails is an open source framework so we don’t have to pay any fee when using this framework. However, open source has some of the same limitations as other frameworks. Other features or development platforms for Ruby on Rails are plentiful on github and it’s completely free.
  • As we mentioned here that Ruby on Rails is an open source framework that prevents you from paying anything for using this software. Being open source has its limitations, as we see with other frameworks. However, this framework never lacks the sophistication and features it supports. Alternatively, you can always check out development platforms like GitHub, where you can find other extras for free.

5. Rails on Rails for tomorrow and the future

  • At the beginning of each year, tech articles seem to focus on just one topic – trying to answer the question ‘Is that “…’ still relevant? Ruby on Rails too has been in the same subject.
  • Even though it is over 15 years old, it is still not outdated because it has a large following of users and newcomers.
  • So the future of Rails will be like? Based on today’s reviews, learning Rails can be a good investment in the long run. As a developer, we want to learn the skills, tools, and tools to dig deep into competitive projects like Rails.
  • Lots of big companies use Rails and understanding the Rails framework is a great tool. It has a vibrant job market with both supply and demand. Although this language is not as popular and flexible as other languages, the future Rails is a great choice.
  • The staggering fact statistics prove that Rails can be used to handle millions of orders every day and does just that. And as Ruby’s next development improves, it gets better and better from now on.
  • The number of gems developed to serve Rails is increasing and useful, which makes developers enjoy using it as a development tool.
  • Ruby on Rails is guaranteed to be a clean and syntactically clutter-free programming language, it is very simple and developer friendly. Furthermore it is implementing the best programming methods, which ensures the output of high quality code and is free from abnormal errors.
  • Ruby on Rails is known to help businesses achieve their goals by providing a scalable web solution. Furthermore, it includes features and properties that provide a highly scalable web platform. It follows a distinct and clear structure with flexible modules. In addition, it allows dividing web interfaces into functional areas to move their databases to the cloud as traffic increases.
  • However, it’s important to realize that language isn’t all that important. What is important is the process and understanding of how new languages ​​/ frameworks can be used to develop our application effectively.

6. Changes in Ruby 3.0

  • Ruby 3 is said to be 3 times faster than Ruby 2
  • Some notable changes:
  • Ruby 3.0 improves performance over ruby ​​2 a lot
  • Pasting code into IRB is 53 times faster than version 2.7.0
  • The measure command is added to the IRB for simple command time measurements
  • Update some more standard libraries (RubyGems, Bundler, IRB, JSON, CSV, …)

7. Summary

  • Ruby on Rails is still a good choice for 2021 because it is being used by some of the big players like Amazon, Slideshare or Airbnb or the github community of 4k contributors.
  • It is reliable, relatively easy to learn and easy to learn
  • Ruby is perfect for developing MVP solutions and cross-platform applications. It is a practical language suitable for solving specific business tasks.
  • In addition, Ruby on Rails is also thriving as it remains one of the most popular, fast and efficient web development frameworks for both web and mobile solutions.
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