T-shirts are storming the programming community

Last time, programmers are heating up because their T-shirts are gradually appearing more in their workplace. Those are extremely unique models with slogan 'jubilant' that they always 'playful' with each other, showing their personality and funny situations that only developers can understand. Let's find out what they are saying about these T-shirts.

Mr. Hung, a 27-year-old programmer, is working at a Japanese outsource company and is quite pleased to wear this shirt to work. From the days of using funny slogan shirts, he realized that the openness between colleagues is getting better and better because the stories start from the shirt he is wearing. Mr. Hung added

Since I was wearing a Developer and Tester model, I found that the relationship between the two sides was "improved", troll each other more … Jokingly, the female testers and my friends started talking openly. more from the conversation from the shirt I am wearing, thanks to these 'jubilant' words. The strange thing is, I haven't received more bug tickets lately (laugh)

One of the latest "litmited edition" models in our movement doesn't belong together, but here is Developer vs Tester. This is also one of the most ordered shirts in recent years. According to devvui.com

Images shared about this series are being spread on social networking sites for programmers, they even take pictures and tag people who are related to the content on the shirt, which has a lot of response. from the online community.


Working at an application programming company in District 3, Mr. Minh felt very excited when he received the shirts with the most unique "slogan" in the company. He said that in addition to the interesting images, this type of shirt is pretty cool, elastic, and good sweat absorbing to help him sit code all day without any problems. Moreover, the shirt "I don't install Win" helps him to "say what I want to say" to many friends when they ask him to install the device every time there is a problem. He added

Every time I was asked to install Win me or point my finger at the shirt, I was joking and joking. I still love and install the device to help my friends, but there is something more fun to play with, right? Maybe later I have to put 5 more to wear all week (laugh)


Reportedly, these shirts are often burned in every launch, the shirt issuer is Devvui.com must make more continuous samples in the past to serve the needs of the developer community. here. One of the cleanest shirt designs in 78 hours of release is the "Code you don't have bugs, all is just a feature" pattern, but "yes" is intentionally written as "co" as an immediate mistake. This shirt, after receiving enthusiastic support from the community, reproduced a new model with a completely new design and quickly ran out of stock shortly thereafter. It is known that Devvui is issuing this form in the near future.

Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 3.05.04 PM
One of the shirts received the strongest response from the community

For a long time, programmers have always been said to be quite passive and less personal, with the rapid increase in the demand of these T-shirts showing that things are changing. The need to show their differences in the workplace is actually appearing more in the community, these shirts are expected to appear more and more in the future in IT departments across the country. country.

The shirt is also a very meaningful gift for friends and relatives. You are not a dev? No problem, send gifts like this to the "technician brother" you know so that your relationship is even closer. Extremely convenient when it comes to asking for help, like when you … fail to win.


To own such a shirt, programmers can visit Devvui.com 's official Facebook Fanpage to provide comments or request slogan templates of your choice. In addition, you can also access directly to shop.devvui.com to immediately put the beautiful, durable, poisonous, shocking designs!


ITZone via Devvui.com

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