Synthesize the powerful VS Code Extensions you should have

Tram Ho


Currently, I just switched to the new IDE which is VS code. After a period of research, I found that VS code is a quite powerful IDE, especially in terms of being able to install additional applications (extension).
In this article, I will now introduce some of the awesome extensions that you should have. These extensions will help you a lot in coding, mineset, …

Dracula Official Theme

This is the extension I feel most like. Install this theme, VS’s will look very easy on the eyes.
You will have blue, red, purple, yellow text depending on the type of text and a font should be purple purple personality. I personally find it very suitable, the code during the day and at night is fine. Theme has 2M downloads and 5 * votes.


This application provides you with a library of cute cheese stick icons. Your project solution bar on the left will look better. Searching for files and folders will be easier than ever. The app has 7.1M downloads and 5 * votes.

GitLens – Git supercharged

Gives you everything about Git through one simple interface that is easiest to see. Personally, I like most Git blame for using this tool.
Just point at the mouse and you can know who wrote this code, changed what, when, … Really very convenient. In addition, merging conflict with this tool is also very quick and convenient. Please experience it for yourself.

Bracket Pair Colorizer

There will be no more worry of having to blindly find brackets here and there. Bracket Pair Colorizer provides a convenient (of course also colorful) interface for you to easily control your opening and closing matrix.
In addition to the color, the lines are created to help control brackets very well. Generally speaking, there is no criticism. The app has 4.5M downloads and 4.5 * votes.

Code Spell Checker

All your arguments are wrong when you misspell. That is the truth. This application will help you avoid spelling mistakes that blind yourself and the reviewer with a light blue line below the foot of the wrong word with a message when you hover. This application is also extremely smart when it is possible to check the words you write next to it. This app is modest with 1.2M downloads and 4.5 * only, but it is really necessary.

Setting Sync

Turn home and company into 1. As the name suggests, this tool will synchronize all your settings everywhere, as long as you successfully login. This tool has 1.5M downloads and 4.5 *


More than a suggestion. This tool will provide you with the most accurate and useful hints using AI technology. You will have the feeling that this tool knows what he is going to write, improves the code speed significantly.
There is one weakness that this tool is quite heavy, it costs 2GB when loaded so it should only be used when possible.
Because this is a new tool, it only has 140k downloads, but it’s really good.


Last but not least, I think the most important: ESLint. This tool will help you avoid errors when coding convention, pop-out, indentation, line break, lack of declaration, … all the time.
Using this tool helps to unify the coding convention in a project, helping the reviewer to save the effort of reviewing the above things, making the code look easy to read, easy to see, and easy to understand and maintain.
It’s too convenient, isn’t it. It is no coincidence that this tool ranks 3rd in downloads after Python and C / C ++ with 13M and 4.5 *.


Above is my share: 1 starter type script, just started using VS code but want to share a little with everyone.
We look forward to everyone’s comments.

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