Synology launches DiskStation Manager 6.2.2 operating system for data management

Tram Ho

DiskStation Manager 6.2.2 helps NAS users of Synology backup, manage and synchronize files, video surveillance, central management, etc. in an IT infrastructure.

Synology has just released the latest DiskStation Manager (DSM) 6.2.2 update with new features, optimized user navigation and enhanced system performance.

Mr. Hewitt Lee, Director of Product Management at Synology, said DSM 6.2 now has more than 3.4 million Synology NAS devices in use. This operating system is specifically designed for IT infrastructure and is suitable for many environments. DSM 6.2.2 adds many more detailed options to help IT administrators better control the entire system, facilitating business data management with tailored services. The main features of the updated operating system include:

  • System optimization: Granular configurations ensure stable performance in production environments.
  • Smart update: Designed to minimize system disruptions, Smart Update detects whether the system is compatible with updates and decides to install or skip updates based on services. running for maximum system uptime.
  • Contextual instructions for quick fixes: Troubleshooting information and tips are added to the Storage Manager to reduce confusion and human error and guide users to solve problems. Resolve hidden issues, support different aspects of managed hosting with better user experience.
  • Conversion Assistant (Beta): The new application allows users to move the entire system including easier partitions and configurations, minimizing disruption to existing services and users during the upgrade process. hardware level.

DiskStation Manager operating system interface 6.2.2.

DSM 6.2 and a list of application packages for file backup, management and synchronization, high availability, video monitoring, central management and more will receive security updates and copies. Important bug fixes until June 2023. Long-term support ensures businesses can maintain a stable production environment for a long time and can plan the next major release in a suitable time frame.

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