SwiftKey details its upcoming keyboard for iOS 8

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SwiftKey has long been known as one of the most popular third-party keyboards for Android, but the company kept no secrets earlier this year in announcing that the app would be making its way to Apple’s platform with the release of iOS 8. Today, the company has shared some more details about its features, and given us a first-look at the swipe-to-type entry method running on the latest build of iOS.


SwiftKey screenshot 3


The keyboard, as you’re likely familiar, focuses on a feature called SwiftKey Flow that lets the user swipe to enter text (the company says this feature isn’t coming to iPad just yet, sadly). The product’s other features including autocorrection, next-word prediction, and its ability to learn as you use it, are also present in the iOS version. Much like the new default iOS keyboard, it gives you an option of three predicted words at the top of the screen, and as you use the keyboard, it just gets better and better at knowing what you might want to type.


“SwiftKey’s word prediction technology has become known for its ‘mind-reading’ ability, which can reduce the frustrations of touchscreen typing down to a few effortless taps. The app will be packed with features that make typing faster and easier. Users will benefit from SwiftKey Flow gesture typing, the ability to type in two languages simultaneously, and SwiftKey Cloud, which enhances the keyboard’s learning with backup and additional personalization functionality”.


SwiftKey feature what the company claims is improved autocorrect, which adapts to the way you type and makes it easier to fix pesky typos. And, if you’re bilingual, SwiftKey is one of the only apps of its kind that lets you type in both languages seamlessly without having to change keyboards. You can type in various forms of English, Portuguese, French, Italian, German, and Spanish.


The app also features something called SwiftKey Cloud, which seamlessly syncs the information the keyboard learns about you across all of your devices and platforms. All you have to do to activate the feature is sign in with a Facebook or Google account, and you can also share your Twitter, Facebook, Evernote, and Gmail archives with to the Cloud even more about how you type.

Below you’ll find some screenshots of how SwiftKey in its current iteration looks on iOS 8. You’ll be able to grab the keyboard at some point soon after iOS 8 is released.



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Source : 9to5mac.com