Swift & # 8211; Change to become outstanding

Because of the "late birth", Swift learned from the experience before the syntax was very clear with specific limits on the placement of words that language users need to follow and effect. Good and important is that Swift is very much loved by IBM engineers. With such advantages, why don't you change your perspective, maybe you will do wonders with this new language.

How to change?

Come to the cross-country Swift class of "teacher" Subhransu Behera . Ho Chi Minh City is his second stop after Malaysia and next to Thailand and many other countries. Here, you will know why using Swift on the way to conquer new heights.

Who is eligible to attend this class?

Let's see! General Coder, Web developer, Mobible developer, Swift all-interested, all-know Swift can gather

Techtalk Discussion about MVVM

Room 407, 08 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1, HCM

Time: 18:00 – 20:00


Do you need to have previous experience?

That's good when you have experience with a programming language. And don't worry if you're a "blank sheet of paper", because for this lesson, we're going to be slow and you can absolutely follow it. Practicing some exercises through what you have said will help you visualize the problem more clearly.

What will you get at the end of this lesson?

This is a lesson about Swift, of course you will learn the interesting basics of Swift and iOS programming while building the application. Some of the content revealed by "teacher" Subh are:

X code main tool for programming Iphone / Ipad. All of Apple's latest features are integrated in Xcode, for Apple application developers. It's free and you can download it from the Mac App Store.

Storyboard is used to design interface components that make up the application. The Storyboard also shows the relationships between screens that appear when running the application.

Playground a new iPad application dedicated to learning the Swift programming language. Swift Playground was born suitable for all ages, including small songs suitable for children. App integrates many lessons from basic to advanced and refreshed over time to help you get familiar with this language. Each lesson in this application is designed with a fun game or something that is easily accessible to the code. This is

Object : in swift, all are a certain object. That is really a great thing of this new programming language. The whole object will depend on how we define it; We can define it according to everything we want when programming.

– Some middle and high-level Swift features

And there are many other good things

Is that done?

Not yet, after a day of knowing all about Swift, then at 18:00 – 19:30, a round table about MVVM (Model – View – ViewModel) and MVC (Model – View – Controller), these are two application architecture models The most widely used will be dissected.


When Apple suggested applying Model View Controller in iOS programming. It helps developers to separate their applications into 3 different components Model, View and Controller. Each component has a separate and independent task with other components. As the application becomes more complex, a large number of programmers' code will be in the controller. Controller will be more and more expanded, making it difficult when we want to write test for our code.

Meanwhile, MVVM helps you consider your application in Model, View, ViewModel and help you write test for better application. During the chat that day, we will have a few examples in MVC and MVVM, and analyze the benefits of MVVM.

Can you take your friend along?

Yes, if you want to join this class, you need to … 0đ.

Agenda event details

8:30 – 9:00: check-in

9:30 – 10:30: Xcode and Storyboard

10:30 – 11:30: Playground and Swift Basic (Strings, Array, Dictionary)

11:30 – 11h40 : Break

11h40 – 12:30: Practical exercises (Building some sample applications)

12h20 – 13h30 : Lunch

13:30 – 14h30: Classes, Objects and Methods

14:30 – 15:30: Segues and Navigations

15:30 – 15:30 : Break

15h45 – 16h30: Practical exercises (Building some sample applications)

16h30 – 17h30: Some features of middle and high class Swift

18:00 – 19:30: Techtalk Discussion about MVVM

Special section – Panel Discussion

The Panel Discussion is a special program that helps program participants get real experiences from speakers. The main content revolves around MVVM (Model – View – ViewModel) and MVC (Model – View – Controller) models, these are the two most widely used application architecture models to be dissected.

When participating in Techtalk Discussion about MVVM you will be sharing the following information:

  • Understand the nature of MVC and MVVM in iOS application programming.
  • Analyze the benefits of MVVM and know how the benefits of MVVM in your application are.
  • Receive real-world sharing experiences and respond to questions of speakers.

In Techtalk Discussion about MVVM we will meet two familiar guests of Topdev Techtalk: Mr. Viet Tran (formerly Senior Developer of mobile app segment at Foody) and Ms. Mai Le Khanh Hoa (software engineer with more than 2 years of experience) in iOS programming).

Do you wish to accompany Techtalk Discussion about MVVM please register according to the information below to facilitate the BTC preparation program.


Note: You'll need: A Mac with Xcode Xcode 7.3 or higher or installed Hackintosh laptop. That's enough to start the journey to discover Swift.

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Want to support the program?

If you want to contribute more to the community, you can join Swift Tutorial Day to become a Traning Assistant at Swift Tutorial Day.

The organizers of Swift Tutorial Day are looking for those who love iOS and want to become iOS Training Assisstant. You will get the opportunity to:

  • Add knowledge of Swift language at the event
  • Build network with iOS personnel community
  • Share your own experiences with the iOS developer community in Vietnam

The only thing we need from you is: Passion. Do not miss an opportunity to learn and support the community. Sign up now to become an iOS Training Assistant.

Registration link: http://topdevvn.com/s/0woHItdV

Time: 08h30 – 19h30 on September 10, 2016

Location: Room 407, Hoa Sen University, 08 Nguyen Van Trang, District 1, Tp. HCM

Any support information please contact:

Tel: 08 6273 3497

Hotline: 0944 685 243 – Ms. Ngọc | 0963 651 587 – Ms. Original

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