Swift 3 Functional Programming Documentation

One of the latest official research materials on Swift 3 language was born. Swift 3 Functional Programming was followed by Dr. Fatih Nayebi with the goal of simplifying the Functional Programming (FP) model by guiding how to solve programming problems that developers often encounter.

Whether you're completely new to FP and Swift or already experienced, this document will train skills in designing and developing useful, high-quality, scalable applications. The book begins with concepts about FP, the basic elements of Swift 3, details of important concepts like functions, closures, optionals, enumerations, immutability and generics with examples of coding. In addition, the book also includes in-depth topics such as functions composition, monads, functors, applicative functors, functional data structures, functional reactive programming (FRP), protocol-oriented programming (POP), and object-oriented programming (OOP). ) with functional programming model (FP) …

Finally, the document will provide an example of an app's front-end code developed with the above and back-end apps developed with Swift.


ITZone via IDE Academy

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