Sweden: Robots are taking over the species jobs that people consider boring

Tram Ho

This trend is good or bad, not discussed. Just know that robots are changing people to do things that we no longer want to do.

In the 4.0 era, businesses are gradually shifting towards automation, using machines and AI (artificial intelligence) to operate. This leads to concerns that robots will take over people’s jobs.

It is unclear whether this is a good or bad trend, only knowing that it is actually happening, when many companies are using machines and AI technology to do the jobs that are judged to be boring and nobody want to do.

According to Bloomberg, the Swedish paper making company BillerudKorsnas has let robots do repetitive tasks in a boring way. Specifically, they use the AI ​​system to track a huge amount of data, to determine the time of wood heating before turning them into pulp.

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This type of work is considered extremely boring, because people will only have to look at the graphs during the working time.

“Machines can track large amounts of data over a long period of time – things that people will consider to be boring,” – said Olle Steffner, director of intellectual property management at BillerudKorsnas.

“Jobs such as process tracking or chart analysis are often very picky people do. Staffs need to do other jobs. ”

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The company decided to test the technology for two years, to see if their processes could be improved by using robots. “With the AI ​​problem solved, we have the technology and knowledge to make it honest,” – Steffner said.

“By analyzing large amounts of data – or deep learning – there will be the potential to increase competition in Sweden’s processing industry by increasing productivity, quality and flexibility.”

In fact, many other companies in Sweden also started using AI and robots to handle repetitive tasks. As Sogeti – a consulting firm – currently incorporating Sweden’s most forest-owned enterprise, Sveaskog, aims to create an algorithm that allows monitoring of pests that are harmful to plants based on satellite images.

Beetles devastated forest wood in Sweden

These bugs are really causing great trouble, when they cause many forests in Europe to be damaged. The wood is disintegrated over time, many forest areas cannot be exploited, causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage.

Another paper manufacturing company, Stora Enso Oyi, is also using AI to identify risks in its legal documents, saving time for employees.

Although the initial investment is quite large, the long-term benefits are undeniable. Companies can reduce labor costs, speed up time (because machines can work 24/24). In other words, AI and robots will be an undeniable trend, and we will be forced to accept them.

Reference: Daily Science

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