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It is known that KATAVINA is the exclusive distributor of VAVA Dashcam in Vietnam. According to a survey of this unit, VAVA is favored by a group of customers who have a habit of traveling by car, or travel long distances and love sharing itineraries and videos on social networking platforms.

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VAVA FullHD 1080p specifications show that the camera is capable of recording FullHD 1920 x 1080p video with a maximum frame rate of 60 fps. This feature is said to be the factor that makes the device different. While low-cost dashcam with the same resolution is only 30 fps.

Compared to 30fps, the speed of 60 fps gives better data collection when the vehicle is moving at high speed. At the same time, when the video is slowed down, the playback image is still moving sharp, stable and not jerky. The 60fps is still used in high-end HD TVs and especially in some games.

Record clear and true at night

The distributor and the company confirm that the VAVA dashcam has outstanding night recording capabilities. Out of 4 product codes available on the market, VAVA 4K Ultra HD is the new model and is advertised as the best night recording device.

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VAVA 4K dashcam design

The company uses a Sony IMX317 sensor, high-transparency quality lenses and an Ambrella H22 center chip. These equipment provide the ability to evenly distribute light into the frame, the video will not be disturbed or blown out when the lights of the car in front are illuminated.

In addition, 4K Ultra HD resolution brings up to 4 times the definition of FullHD, and at the same time excels in magnification, clarity, color fidelity and depth of image.

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Smooth video even when off-road

On the VAVA dashcam, the manufacturer has equipped a 3M sticker, along with a vacuum cap to increase the ability to hold the camera. And this mount connects to the camera through a magnet. VAVA promises to become a favorite accessory for off-road enthusiasts when it possesses good grip on the steering wheel while creating smooth and stable video.

KATA Vietnam supports the installation of VAVA FullHD 1080p for riders who own Mitsubishi Triton on the races of Mui Dinh Challenge 2019. The track is a collection of complex terrain with high difficulty including beaches, slopes / sand dunes. , steep slopes, rapids, trenches, pits together with winding stages.

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Images from video of VAVA FullHD at the race

Images shared on social networks are still clear

On the VAVA Dash application, software designers have built-in video editing and sharing on social networks. This is expected to save a lot of time for users when they do not have to perform complicated operations such as removing the memory card, transferring data to a computer, changing the file format and then sharing it.

Accordingly, the application provides 16 color filters for video editing with direct sharing on 3 major social networks including Facebook, Tweeter and Instagram. The video after sharing is confirmed to be of good quality, sharp, true with vivid sound.

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Application video sharing and editing interface

American brand VAVA dashcam is always in the top selling high-end dashcam on Amazon. In Vietnam, 04 versions of FulHD, 4K Ultra HD, Dual 2K front & cabin, Dual front & rear are imported and distributed exclusively by KATAVINA.

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