Surface does not need camera cover because of anti-peeping solution from Microsoft

Tram Ho

Security experts often recommend users to cover their cameras with tape or something because more and more owners are doing this. But now PC manufacturers have changed and equipped with special camera covers.

Surface không cần tấm che camera vì giải pháp chống nhìn trộm từ Microsoft - Ảnh 1.

Microsoft on the other hand does not want to do this on its Surface models. In a recent interview with PCWorld, the company explained that such a feature would only be redundant on their PC.

In case you didn’t know, Microsoft recently equipped the Surface with a dedicated light that lights up every time the camera is activated. In other words, if the LED is on, it means the camera is on and you know the status of the camera at that time.

However, many people are concerned that hackers could hijack the camera and disable the LED, thus silently monitoring users without being detected.

Surface không cần tấm che camera vì giải pháp chống nhìn trộm từ Microsoft - Ảnh 2.

But Microsoft says the LED itself is not controlled by software and is separated from the camera. So even if a hacker could break into the device and gain access to the webcam, they still couldn’t disable the LED.

In fact, LEDs are controlled by the camera itself and are separated from the system. Microsoft said that the device will not be able to turn on the camera if the LED light does not turn on.

Thus, it is almost impossible to see the protective covers and camera functions on the present and in the future.

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