Supporters Alibaba, Grab, Xiaomi revealed the skills required of a startup founder

Tram Ho

What makes a perfect startup founder? This is the billion-dollar question that very few people know.

Investor Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee probably knew the closest answer. She was the one who made investments in Alibaba, Xiaomi and Grab in the first days through GGV Capital. She is rated by Forbes magazine as one of the leading technology investors in Silicon Valley.

For her, the qualities that the talented founders possess are vision, resilience and adaptability.


First and foremost, a good founder must have a vision. However, the dream of changing the world is not enough. They must really know how to plan for their company.

“Your vision cannot just go out and change the world. As a founder, your vision is what drives you in the next 5 years, 10, 20, 50, 100 years. That’s the key for you to steer the platform and the company, ”Ms. Lee said at a financial conference in March 2019 in Singapore.

As such, the founder needs to be able to realize the idea of ​​everyday work for senior to intermediate levels and employees. Jack Ma – founder of Alibaba – is the best evidence. He opened e-commerce website Alibaba in 1999 to help small and medium-sized businesses “sell globally”. He and his colleagues see it as the central goal for all growth strategies.

recovery ability

Second, a good founder must show resilience to failure. She met many companies that almost failed, but within a short time, the founders could stand on their own, redo and turn around. “Recovery is also important. The ability to go ahead when everything is against you … I think that’s what it takes, ”Lee said.


Ultimately, adaptability is the key to founders surviving in today’s rapidly changing business environment. “As a startup founder, you face many changes every day. I think adaptability – the ability to grasp a problem right away, review it and come back with a short plan – I can say that this is the most important skill. ”

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Source : Ictnews