Super scam of 2 billion USD in cryptocurrency caught in Albania

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According to the Daily Sabah, the Turkish Interior Ministry announced on August 30 that it had caught the super donkey Faruk Fatih Özer after more than a year of being wanted.

In April 2021, Turkey issued an international arrest warrant for Faruk Fatih Özer, the founder of cryptocurrency exchange Thodex, after he fled the country with a $2 billion worth of cryptocurrencies. won from investors.

Albanian authorities informed Turkish Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu that Özer had been arrested in Vlora, Albania. The identity of the suspect is verified through biometric data. Procedures related to the extradition of this suspect to Turkey are underway.

Siêu lừa 2 tỉ USD tiền mã hóa bị bắt tại Albania - Ảnh 1.
The Thodex virtual currency exchange logo is displayed on the phone screen – Photo: AA PHOTO

Özer, 27, is being held in the Albanian city of Elbasan. According to Albanian prosecutor Kreshnik Ajazi, Özer will appear in court in the coming days. The court will decide what security measures to apply to the suspect in the 40 days before extradition to Turkey.

Thodex has launched aggressive campaigns to attract investors, including a commitment to distribute luxury car models in Turkey. Many investors have poured money into this floor.

However, in April last year, Thodex halted trading after posting a notice saying it needed 5 days to settle an unspecified external investment.

After a promotion campaign to sell Dogecoin for only 1/4 the price of other exchanges, Thodex in Istanbul stopped working, investors were unable to sell or convert their cryptocurrencies.

After that, the Turkish security agency issued an arrest warrant and published a photo of Özer at Istanbul airport. According to local media, at the time of Thodex’s shutdown, the exchange was holding at least $2 billion from 391,000 investors.

So far, more than 60 people related to Thodex have been arrested, many related documents have been seized by authorities during searches since last year.

Turkey is one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world. While it is difficult to know the exact size of this market, observers estimate that around 5 million crypto investors are active here.

In the face of many complicated developments in the cryptocurrency market, the governments of countries such as India, China, Korea, Russia, etc. have all announced that they will implement strict management policies.

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