Summary of some tips and information about new Edge Chromium features

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Edge Chromium also has Task Manager

Because Edge Chromium is based on the same Chromium core as Google Chrome, it also has a similar Task Manager.

To open Browser Task Manager, go to the three-dot menu at the right corner, select More tools , Browser Task Manager or simply press the key combination Shift + Esc .


The Browser Task Manager displays processes of all parts of the browser, open tabs and currently running extensions. The following columns will display information about the resources of these processes such as how much RAM, how much CPU, and network usage.


This Task Manager will be useful to see which tabs or extensions are using the most resources, or most unusual to actively shut down its process to turn off tabs or remove extensions from Edge.

Customize the New Tab page

When you open a new tab, the New Tab page will appear with shortcuts of frequently visited websites. You can change the names of these shortcuts as you like. Hover the mouse on the shortcut, select the three dot menu, select Rename to change its name.


Below the shortcuts are news sections personalized to our language and location. To read Vietnamese news, click on the Settings wheel in the right corner, Language & content , select Vietnamese language and you’re done.


Vietnamese News


Roadmap for updating new features of Edge Chromium

In a Tech Community forum post, the Microsoft Edge development team shared a roadmap of new features that will be updated on Edge, including:

  • Allows synchronization of installed extensions between devices
  • Allows synchronization of browsing history between devices
  • Support reading PDF files
  • Bring Edge to Linux
  • Add writing functionality on the web
  • Theme support from Chrome Web Store
  • Ask users if they want to close all tabs when they close the browser window
  • Bring the tab set aside feature from the old Edge to
  • Updated user interface with Fluent Design
  • Provide run / open / save / save as options when downloading files
  • Bring Ask Cortana feature from the old Edge
  • Bring tab preview feature from the old Edge
  • Lets set the search bar in the New Tab page to other search engines
  • Support mouse gestures for common actions such as navigating and closing tabs
  • Allow login to Edge with Google account

With so many improvements and new functions lined up for updates, Microsoft Edge has really changed. Have you used it? Any tips are shared for everyone to know

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Source : Techtalk