Summary of necessary VSCode Extensions for programmers

Tram Ho

Visual Studio Code is a completely free text editor, developed by Microsoft. For a long time, VSCode has won the hearts of many developers because of its ease of use, stable performance, and not too large capacity. , as well as supporting numerous extensions that increase programmer productivity.

In this article, let’s take a look at some popular and indispensable extensions for programmers

Bracket Pair Colorizer, Indent Rainbow and Indenticator

First to mention Bracket Pair Colorizer . In the coding process, sometimes it is difficult to understand the complex logic where we need to use many syntaxes using parentheses, which makes it easy to confuse this block and that block. This plugin will help you solve that problem. It will color the different pairs of brackets, making it easy to see and distinguish the blocks

I often use additional Indent Rainbow and Indenticator to help color and look tab, space in each block code easier.

Color Info

This is an essential plugin for frontend coders who need a lot of work with css or color coding. It allows us to know the information of a specific color code when we hover over it, including rgb, hsl, hex, alpha …

Path Intellisense

This plugin helps you to auto complete the links included in the project


Here are plugins that upgrade the git features available in VSCode, namely:

  • Check information of changes, change time of code or block code.
  • Compare changes in source code quickly
  • Switch back and forth between git repos easily

HTML Boilerplate

This plugin allows us to shorten coding time by providing a sample HTML template.

What you do is just type html into an empty file, plugins will automatically generate structured code of a basic html file.

Auto Close Tag and Auto Rename Tag

In programming, the structure of JSX and HTML is mostly structured with an opening tag and a closing tag. The open and close tag structure is the same, so typing over and over makes the coder feel tedious and superfluous. So there must be some tool to help us do it automatically. That is Auto Close Tag and Auto Rename Tag . They will generate the closing tag automatically when you type the opening tag, and automatically update the closing tag (or opening) if you fix the opening tag (or close).


The above is to share some of the extensions I often use to improve the code speed and make it easier to work. Thank you for watching. ?

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