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The quotations are simple, brief but contained words in a sky of truth. The quotations are easy to remember, easy to memorize and read less. Therefore, today I will introduce and analyze some quotations … for the life of programming.

You can freely share these quotations to express yourself “so deep”, or remember to show off your classmates / team when you talk.

The comment section is a personal opinion in the author’s way of understanding, you can comment on sharing your understandings, or contribute more quotations for fun.

Quotations and comments


Any programming language has its own strengths and weaknesses. Therefore, the more language is used, the more people are stoned (typically PHP , but it’s stupid). There are very nice languages ​​like Haskell but for many reasons no one uses them.


This verse is similar to the “cause of 100% divorce is marriage”. Although this is a programmer’s sentence, the tester can memorize this sentence to throw in the face of devs every time the program has a bug .


The author himself is the one who laid the foundation for Computer Science through the book The Art of Programming (This is a book recommended by Bill Gates ).

Sometimes, we are passionate about optiomize code, making code run faster and forgetting one thing that the code must run properly, easy to understand and read first. The early optimize code is often not effective, but it takes dev time, making the code more difficult to read.

This is a rather complicated issue, I will discuss more deeply in a Review Code of optimizing code.


The long-term brother code must also know how miserable it is to name the variable, the name of the function, the class name and the cellar.

The same as invalidate code, is extremely complicated. If you work too often, it won’t work much, if you wait too long, the data will be lost in sync.


The distortion is more accurate! Using software that has errors only annoys one day. Being a programmer , I always have a bug, so I am frustrated all my life.


In programming , not many people will complete projects faster. You should memorize this sentence to tell Project Manager when they try to add more people to the project.


Write code with conscience, easy to read and understand, remember the full comment. Love your maintain code (Sometimes you have to maintain your code, you have to love yourself).


Having sex without being careful, for people to be pregnant, you have to be responsible for life. Programming is the same, sometimes due to code jams, reckless design , lots of bugs, you will be responsible for that code for life (until you switch teams or switch companies).

Some other quotations

It’s easy to understand, so I don’t comment any more

9 twelfth 11 ten


Although these quotations are very good, they are not always true. As programmers, we must think for ourselves, find ways to solve the problem, not rely on principles or quotations.

Remember the comment you like the most famous sentence!

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