Submitting draft Decision on Mobile Money pilot in July

Tram Ho

Conclusion of Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc at the Government’s Standing Committee on July 8 on the draft Prime Minister’s Decision on approving the pilot implementation of using telecommunications payment accounts for goods and services with Small value (Mobile Money) has just been announced by the Government Office.

Trình dự thảo Quyết định về thí điểm Mobile Money trong tháng 7 - Ảnh 1.

The Prime Minister asked the State Bank to finalize and submit a draft Decision on Mobile Money pilot in July 2020 (Artwork).

Accordingly, the Prime Minister instructed the State Bank to assume the prime responsibility for studying, fully absorbing the opinions at the meeting, finalizing this draft on the basis of written opinions of the ministries: Justice and Information and Communications. , Police and related ministries and agencies, submitted in July 2020.

The Prime Minister also stated the direction to complete the draft Decision on Mobile Money pilot.

In particular, determining the nature of Mobile Money as payment, telecommunications as a means. Therefore, the State Bank is responsible for leading the licensing, preliminary review and final review of the pilot. Ministry of Information and Communications, Ministry of Public Security are responsible for the contents of appraisal related to the field of management.

The Ministry of Information and Communications is responsible for leading and coordinating with the State Bank and the Ministry of Public Security in network management, inspection, examination, supervision and technical, security and safety assurance.

The above-mentioned agencies are fully responsible for evaluation, licensing, inspection, examination and supervision, ensuring safe and effective pilots, not allowing criminals to take advantage of violations. law.

Also following the direction of completing the draft Decision on Mobile Money pilot, which was concluded by the Prime Minister at the meeting, using the service to pay small value (not exceeding VND 5 million or VND 10 million / month), creating favorable conditions. benefit people, apply nationwide, do not make payments / transfer in foreign currencies, pay / transfer money internationally and pay for cross-border services.

The contents required by telecommunications businesses such as identifying genuine SIM cards … specified in the coordination regulations ensure to prevent risks and negatives.

The draft of this Decision only stipulates the main contents and conditions, is really necessary and assigns relevant agencies to issue specific regulations; not to bring technical and technological contents under the management of ministries and branches, not suitable to the Prime Minister’s jurisdiction.

At the same time, it is necessary to do well the work of information and guidance for effective Mobile Money service, consistent with the reality of Vietnam and the world trend.

Along with that, the Prime Minister asked the Ministry of Information and Communications to direct the network operators to prepare necessary conditions to be able to implement immediately after the Prime Minister issued the Decision. The network operators (VNPT, MobiFone, Viettel) must ensure sufficient technical capacity to perform.

According to experts, Mobile Money service, when deployed, will help promote cashless payment activities, comprehensive financial development to rural, remote and special areas. are areas where the financial system, banking system have not been developed, people have not or cannot have access to banking services.

Along with that, telecom businesses will take advantage of telecommunication networks, transaction points throughout the country to develop and diversify the structure of products, services and customers, in addition to services. traditional telecommunication. Therefore, telecom businesses can expand the room to increase revenue and improve competitiveness.

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