Stunned by the tight crowd scene in the Chinese water park

Tram Ho

Several hundred tourists flock to a swimming pool in a water park in northern China. Clinging to colorful floats, they waited for man-made waves.

The staff said that it’s always crowded here every summer. They advise visitors not to focus on weekends and holidays to avoid crowds.

Choáng với cảnh nêm chặt người trong công viên nước Trung Quốc - Ảnh 1.
The scene of the crowd in a water park in Northern China

The local government has asked the park to limit the number of visitors to avoid overcrowding, and at the same time strengthen measures to prevent the COVID-19 epidemic.

Video of the scene of crowded swimming buoys is causing a fever on social networks.

This park is never limited in number. They just want to sell as many tickets as possible and don’t care how long customers have to wait in line, ” one person commented on August 9.

This is not fun at all. I find it very dangerous ”, another commented.

I’ve been to this park before and once was more than enough ,” one person said.

According to SCMP

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Source : Genk