Strange story is true: Apple was sued because of the familiar feature of the iPhone’s odd ten years?

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Slide to unlock is a feature specifically emphasized by Steve Jobs during the first iPhone launch in 2007. “To unlock the phone, I just need to take my finger and slide through. BOM.” About 4 years later, Apple has patented this feature.

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Steve Jobs first introduced the slider feature to unlock

That patent is the beginning of some legal battles. In 2012, less than a year after the patent was granted, Apple accused HTC of copyright infringement. HTC responded that the idea was too simple to get a patent, and Apple lost the lawsuit. The company immediately turned to allege Samsung infringed on the same patent and this time Apple won.

However. A “patent troll” named Zeroclick filed a lawsuit against Apple in 2015, claiming that it owned two patents between 2001 and 2010 that protected the concept behind the “slide to unlock” feature.

Basically, “patent troll” is a term for companies that specialize in digging holes to complain businesses that infringe patents to compensate or eliminate competitors. Often patent trolls do not have any emphasis on creating products for business, their only business is to sue for large enterprises.

Chuyện lạ có thật: Apple bị kiện vì tính năng quen thuộc chục năm có lẻ của iPhone? - Ảnh 2.

Image in Apple patent

Previous Zeroclick patents against Apple are claimed under the name Zeroclick-1. Zeroclick-1 filed a lawsuit on September 25, 2015, alleging that Apple violated Zeroclick’s patents directly, contributed and caused.

Despite being tried to lose in 2018, Zeroclick persisted, asserting that Apple had won before, but only based on technicality. There has been some legal controversy over who owns the patents when they are passed down. After further notice from the parties, the judge dismissed the Zeroclick-1 Lawsuit on June 11, 2020, alleging that the name Zeroclick-1 was no longer legal.

However, that will cause the door to open for a new request from the current patent owner and Apple wants to end this by requiring both Zeroclick’s patents to be declared invalid. .

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