Strange pneumonia virus, Tencent boss canceled the tradition of giving lucky money to employees

Tram Ho

Tencent announced that it will cancel the lucky money activity for its employees on February 1, the first working day after the Tet holiday in 2020. The company did not give specific reasons but reminded employees to stay healthy while The vacation starts from 24/1. They also did not say if they had “electronic” red envelopes through their WeChat.

Tencent spokesman declined to comment on this decision. The annual lucky money activity allows many employees to meet Mr. Ma and other senior managers directly. An anonymous employee expressed frustration over not being able to meet Mr. Ma. Although they can receive lucky money through WeChat, it does not feel like every year.

According to Mr. Ma, the lucky money distribution for nearly 2 decades helps him to wish every employee good health and good luck. The tradition continues even when WeChat added the Red Packet feature in 2014 so that people can give each other lucky money for each New Year.

Virus viêm phổi lạ hoành hành, ông chủ Tencent hủy luôn truyền thống phát lì xì nhân viên - Ảnh 1.

Tencent employees are waiting in line for Pony Ma to give lucky money in 2019. Photo: Internet

In 2019, Ma’s lucky drawman ranked the “snake dragon” at the company’s headquarters in Shenzhen. They form a large “fu”. Some even wait overnight, more than 12 hours to be the first to receive a blessing from the boss.

Tencent’s decision comes amid the Wuhan corona pneumonia virus that has spread to 20 other cities in China. As of January 21, 291 cases of corona pneumonia virus infection were detected. Of these, 270 cases are from Hubei province, where the virus originated and 21 cases were recorded from 6 other points.

The virus broke out just days before tens of millions of Chinese people were about to enter the “good fortune” – the world’s largest annual migration – to reunite with their families.

Another unnamed employee considered the decision not to give lucky money as wise, because gathering people would put colleagues at risk of strange virus infections. Safety is the most important thing at the moment.

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Source : Genk