Stopping technology vehicle pilot, how will Grab operate in Vietnam?

Tram Ho

From April 1, the Ministry of Transport will stop piloting technology vehicles, many people are worried about the fate of technology-calling companies such as Grab, FastGo, … However, companies like Grab have prepared in advance.

The Ministry of Transport has just decided to stop the pilot plan of deploying the application of science and technology to support the management and connection of passenger transport activities under the contract (according to Decision No. 24 / QD-BGTVT).

Accordingly, the Ministry of Transport requested the Department of Transport of provinces and cities to pilot (including Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Quang Ninh, Khanh Hoa) to guide and request the units to provide application support software to connect transport, businesses, transport business cooperatives and transport business vehicles are participating in the pilot plan in the local area to stop the pilot operation from April 1. / 2020.

After this information, many people are worried about the fate of technology car companies such as Grab operating in Vietnam. However, the pilot stop of technology taxi operation of the Ministry of Transport is only to implement the new provisions of the Government’s Decree 10/2020 on business and conditions for transport business by auto.

In fact, GrabCar is operating in Vietnam in the form of passenger cars with less than 9 seats using electronic contracts not following fixed routes.

Dừng thí điểm xe công nghệ, Grab sẽ hoạt động ra sao tại Việt Nam? - Ảnh 1.

A GrabCar vehicle with a Contract Vehicle badge and GrabCar stamp on the windshield. Photo: Grab

According to Decree 10, if a vehicle with a capacity of less than 9 seats (including the driver) has been granted a contract car badge before April 1, 2020, if it continues to carry out passenger transport business under contract, must reissue badges and fix them on cars, the time for completion is before July 1, 2021 as prescribed at Point b, Clause 6, Article 36 of Decree 10.

As such, most GrabCar cars currently have the above business conditions and still operate normally, only need to reissue the contract car badges under the new regulations, from now to now. 1/7/2021 – more than enough time for GrabCar cars to perform.

In Grab’s current transportation services or some other ride-hailing apps, only cars are subject to the provisions of Decree 10. The GrabBike service currently operates under Decree No. 52/2013 / ND-CP on e-commerce is managed by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, not affected by the new decree of the Ministry of Transport.

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Source : Techtalk