Step by step to become a great developer

Tram Ho

1, Preamble

  • I do not write this article is not intended to teach or force everyone at all, this is only my share.
  • Although going up from nothing and starting very late compared to friends still have to rise.
  • I will write this article to share some of the things I experience, experience and reflect on this profession.
  • This article does not originate from this source, but comes from what I think and experience.
  • Maybe everyone’s views are different, find yourself a roadmap and the best way for yourself to move forward.
  • As an Android developer, I will give preference to Android developers in this article.

2, The most basic things are the biggest

This may be my first concept.

  • People can say sublime things, solve complex problems, difficult functional code, code 1 piece of code that no one can understand …
  • You see pro programming on the internet every day teaching about programming or hacker code movies like the wind.
  • This is not true and gives you such a thought.
  • Everything has a beginning just like everything is made of atoms. So programming a language is no different.
  • Are you fed up or afraid of the feeling of being afraid when you have problems on Stackoverflow or looking back and forth over a piece of code dozens of times and want to eliminate it.
  • As a first step, master the basics, make your basics as a conditional reflex as mature as possible.
  • The faster it is, the more you will advance to the good path you have set.
  • There is something I want to emphasize.

    2.1, Coding convention

  • No one is not familiar with it but few people care about it.
  • But it is the first step I noticed and the first step to clean code.
  • Sometimes your code is called trash, it may be true that you may have forgotten this coding covention .
  • Most modern IDEs support code format including coding convention but that is not enough.
  • Coding convention also depends on many factors such as the language you are learning, the company you are doing, your partner making you apply a certain rule …
  • On the homepage of each language has docs available about it already.
  • For kotlin language:
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Source : Viblo