Stadia “cloud gaming” project has been disgraced by Google, is having to sell technology to third parties

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According to Business Insider, the Stadia project (including game development and cloud gaming support) is no longer favored by Google. Stadia has fallen down the tech giant’s list of development priorities, making way for partnerships with companies including Peloton, Bungie and Capcom, instead of continuing to buy games for the gaming platform. cloud.

In fact, people who are using Peloton exercise bikes are already benefiting from Google’s shift in investment focus. An exclusive Business Insider article mentions Peloton’s first game, Lanebreak, powered by Google’s own cloud gaming technology (now known as Google Stream).

Former employees as well as experts still working on the Stadia project say that the top priority is developing Google Stream, besides selling the technology to other parties. They also do not have an optimistic view of Stadia’s future.

A lot of insiders wanted to continue, so they worked hard to make sure [the Stadia platform] didn’t die. However, they are not the ones who write checks to pump money [for the project] ,” said an unnamed source.

Dự án "chơi game trên mây" Stadia bị Google thất sủng, đang phải bán công nghệ cho bên thứ ba - Ảnh 1.

And yet, two other sources told Business Insider that Stadia project manager Phil Harrison was reporting to Jason Rosenthal, Google’s vice president of subscription services, instead of arming chief Rick. Osterloh. That shows that the Stadia project has dropped in priority because it does not meet the set goal, while Stadia spends tens of millions of dollars to bring games to this cloud gaming service.

Things can’t end right away with Stadia, when Peloton is not the only company applying the technology of this cloud entertainment service. AT&T confirmed that Batman: Arkham Knight will be played through the web using Stadia technology.

Dự án "chơi game trên mây" Stadia bị Google thất sủng, đang phải bán công nghệ cho bên thứ ba - Ảnh 2.

AT&T customers have the opportunity to play Arkham Knight for free through their browser.

Through the same technology as Stadia, Capcom also wants to let gamers play a demo of the new game on the web. Bungie, the developer of the Destiny game series and being acquired by Sony for $3.6 billion , is looking to build its own streaming platform based on Google Stream.

At this point, Stadia is gradually becoming a white-label product, meaning that technology is sold to another party that gives a third party full rights to register its own trademark. This is not a bad outcome for Google’s cloud gaming service, moreover, the development team continues to confirm that in the future, they will continue to support Stadia in particular and cloud gaming in general.

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