Spotify appeared on the Epic Games Store, revealing Fortnite’s father’s ambitions

Tram Ho

After appearing on many Android and iOS app stores, Spotify is now available on the Epic Games Store. This is a signal that Epic’s ambitions go far beyond their traditional gaming arena to become a popular application distribution platform.

This ambition could be part of the reason for the current legal battle Epic is up against Apple and Google over their current app store business models. Since this war started, Spotify has appeared on Epic’s game distribution store.

Epic sued both companies by deleting the company’s mobile app Fortnite, accusing Google and Apple of violating antitrust laws and arguing that developers can and should have the right to deploy the systems themselves. Its own billing system to avoid commission fees of up to 30% on app stores today.

Spotify xuất hiện trên cửa hàng Epic Games Store, lộ rõ tham vọng của cha đẻ Fortnite - Ảnh 1.

Not long after this legal battle began, Epic formed an alliance with other developers opposing Apple’s strict policy of the App Store. Most recently, this alliance also attracted the participation of many major publishers, who also oppose Apple’s way of charging.

The Epic Games Store is still a relatively new application distribution platform, which has only been around since December 2018 to take on Valve’s Steam store. But from the start, Epic shows how generous it is to developers, taking only 12% commission of developer revenue, instead of 30% as for Valve, Apple or Google.

By January of this year, the Epic Games Store had more than 100 million users and probably this number will continue to increase in the future after the sales and giveaway programs continuously launched by Epic over the past time. (For example, the free giveaway GTA V game in May was downloaded so much by users that the Epic store crashed for hours.)

With the Epic Games Store increasing user base, developer-friendly operating model, and in fact, they are also the owner of the most popular apps in the world, Epic seems like wanting my application distribution platform to replace other competitors.

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