SpaceX once negotiated satellite service on iPhone

Tram Ho

Accordingly, the two companies had “promising discussions” and SpaceX did not forget to praise the “super smart” Apple team.

The comment was made by Elon Musk a day after Apple announced the Emergency SOS satellite communication feature appeared on iPhone 14 models. The feature allows users to send emergency messages over the satellite network in areas where there is no phone signal. However, instead of SpaceX, Apple chose Globalstar as a partner for this feature.

Last month, SpaceX and the US carrier T-Mobile revealed that T-Mobile users can use SpaceX satellites to send text messages in areas without cellular coverage. However, the cooperation depends on the success of the upgraded versions of Starlink satellites launched by SpaceX. Therefore, the service will not be available until the end of next year at the earliest.

The difference between T-Mobile’s service and Starlink’s and Apple’s is that this service allows users to text each other while Apple’s service is only used to contact emergency numbers. According to Apple’s announcement, Globalstar’s satellite infrastructure will integrate with the Find My application on Apple devices, helping friends of adventurers and mountaineering enthusiasts to track their exact location. more accurate in places where GPS or cell phone signal is not working properly.

The Emergency SOS feature on iPhone 14 is expected to be rolled out in November this year and will be free for the first 2 years. Apple has not yet announced the service fee after that.

Billionaire Elon Musk’s companies have never successfully cooperated with Apple, although in 2020, the billionaire confirmed that he wanted to sell Tesla to Apple during the company’s darkest days. However, Apple CEO Tim Cook has denied talking to Elon Musk about the transaction.

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