Sources to fake and create effective mock data

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Usually when starting a website whether it’s practical or just learning, creating fake data is often quite necessary. Through this article we can learn more good sources, from mock data source to mock logo source or random avatar image as well.

1. Faker JS

A source can help generate large volumes of fake data with clear and complete api.

2. Fony

This is a type of tool that uses the command line to render fake data according to an existing template.

3. Casual

4. Fake Data – A form filler you won’t hate

Fake Data Extension

This is an extension from Chrome that will insert random values ​​into any form field. Generate random values ​​such as name, email, address, phone and some other data types.

5. Fake Store API

Is a free REST API that can be used at any time if needed to emulate websites such as e-commerce or sales websites. Convenient for work when you need to create samples or teach, no need to run any server-side code.

6. Chance

Random data renderer for Javascript.

7. Mock

As a mock data generator, frontend can be developed and prototyped ahead with backend progress.

8. Generate Data

Need a sample data to test data like, beautiful or bad? This is the idea of ​​this website. This is a free tool written in Javascript, PHP and MySQL that allows to quickly create large amounts of data and can be customized in many different formats.

9. Fake Data Generator

A simple open source source that helps create fake data based on JSON basic model.

10. Mocker Data Generator

A simple way to create mock data based on schema, using pretty good fake or mock data generators like FakerJS, ChanceJS, CasualJS and RandExpJS. It includes all such tools.

11. Random User

A free open source API to randomize user data. Just like Lorem Ipsum.

12. JSON Schema Faker

Using Json Schema with generators provides the kind of fake data that is suitable and useful for your system.

13. Fake Logos

This page is used to fake temporary logo if needed, serving the reality.

14. Mockaroo

Need mock data to test your application? Mockarro will allow creating up to 1000 rows of actual test data with formats such as CSV, JSON, SQL or Excel.

15. JSON Placeholder

A pretty fake REST API for testing and prototyping.

16. Fake IMG

Don’t waste time on creating a fake image to bring up mockup or wireframe. Fake IMG is a small tool that helps you create an image including the URL.

17. Lorem Picsum

A good link source for the need to fake photo data.

18. Fake Clients

A source to help create sample summaries of customers.

19. Acme Logos

A source for the logo part is quite professional for design projects.

20. Lorem Ipsum

Strangers are familiar here. A website that any Markup Developer is very familiar with.

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