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Tram Ho

Is your home really smart?

Smart home is a higher level of automation: Devices not only operate when people control, but also connected and programmed with a common system to operate themselves in a reasonable way, bringing experience to Optimal experience for the family. For example, the house can turn on the “entertainment” mode with many complex operations: Automatically play music, open curtains to welcome sunshine on weekends or adjust the temperature, reduce the light of the lights, coordinate with the sound. Lightness bar to help us relax with family after a hard working day.

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In addition, the ability to enhance security and security and keep electrical appliances at the safest level is also a common reason that many smart home builders. With the surveillance camera system, the function of alerting when a stranger enters, locking the door with multiple layers of face recognition … a smart home will help homeowners feel secure in their living space.

Mr. Quoc Trong (30 years old, Ho Chi Minh) shared: “We often forget many small things in daily life such as locking the door, forgetting to control electrical equipment … or not being careful in security supervision but pine houses. No. The connection of a smart home not only allows us to control the whole house anytime, anywhere, but it also has the ability to operate automatically to ensure the safety of devices when automatically turned on. turn off or turn off the power when something goes wrong. ”

[SỐNG] Giải pháp bảo vệ nguồn cho căn nhà thời 4.0 – tưởng không cần mà cần không tưởng - Ảnh 2.

However, in reality, all will become useless when an electrical problem occurs. The consequences are not simply inconvenient in life because of power outages or internet connection but also threaten the safety of the whole house. At that time, the homeowner faced an unexpected situation – the smart home returned to the “rough” state like many other normal houses.

There are many subjective and objective causes leading to a power outage, so to upgrade the house, just add an additional device, seemingly ancillary but plays a very important role – the UPS. “I invest a lot of effort and money to have the experience of a smart home. So if there is equipment that can maintain that as a UPS, I won’t be afraid to invest more.” – Mr. Trong shared more.

It’s time to choose protective equipment for your home “smarter”

Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS – Uninterruptible Power Supply) is a type of continuous power supply system, whose main function is to provide backup power for electrical equipment in the event of mains power failure. pressure, short, fire, blackout, power outage …

For most UPSs, the primary and basic function is to provide backup power in an emergency and unexpected situation, providing just enough time to find alternatives such as generators, ensuring ensure the entire house is operated continuously; maintain stability for the current when the power supply voltage fluctuates, avoiding affecting high-end devices; ensure the necessary data storage in time, which is recorded security data or data on personal work systems at home.

But, being a smart home with an adequate level of investment and design, the need for a UPS device needs to be well matched. That’s why you should choose Easy UPS from the APC by Schneider Electric brand.

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A trusted, high-class brand from Europe with more than 50 years of experience, APC by Schneider Electric brings high quality products to both home and business segments. The product is compact, international quality with standard universal sockets suitable for a variety of plugs in the world. This is a remarkable feature to help you experience all the most modern electrical equipment from everywhere. In addition, Easy UPS also owns the bundled features, increasing utilities for homeowners such as Cold Start feature, which helps turn on the power even when there is no power or the off-mode charging mode right away. even when the UPS is off.

[SỐNG] Giải pháp bảo vệ nguồn cho căn nhà thời 4.0 – tưởng không cần mà cần không tưởng - Ảnh 4.

All of the above features are integrated into the Easy UPS BV1000I-MS – a product line designed specifically for households. With a wide voltage range of 170V-280V and outstanding features, all devices in the house are maintained in a state of connection even in the most unexpected power failure situation. Smart home is always really “smart” with Easy UPS.

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