Soul True Wireless ST – XS2: Super headset for sports people

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Soul Electronics is one of the “heavy” rivals of the popular BEATS headphone brand in the US market. Having been very successful with the on-ear or overhead headphones, Soul of course does not ignore the trend of listening to wireless music is extremely popular today, with the launch of many Truewireless headphones, in That’s especially the ST-XS2 model.

Soul True Wireless ST – XS2: Siêu phẩm tai nghe cho dân thể thao - Ảnh 1.

Sporty design & compact

1. Case cover

The case of the SOUL ST-XS2 is designed in the form of a small capsule weighing only 43g, which is easy to hold and carry when exercising.

Not only that, the manufacturer also equipped with a hook to help trainers can hook to the waist, backpack, strap conveniently without any feeling of being entangled when moving.

Soul True Wireless ST – XS2: Siêu phẩm tai nghe cho dân thể thao - Ảnh 2.

2. Housing

Housing is designed in-ear style to make wearing headphones easier and stronger. In addition, Soul also equipped with a set of C earhooks to help fix the headset better when working hard with different eartips, earhooks to best suit many needs.

Because it is for sports people, Soul does not use a touch button, but a physical button to prevent sweat from making the touch less sensitive, while emphasizing the healthy design that matches the sporty style.

Soul True Wireless ST – XS2: Siêu phẩm tai nghe cho dân thể thao - Ảnh 3.

Waterproof IPX7 function protects at hearing from sweat moisture

For sports people, the addition of water-resistant technology is a must, especially true wireless headphones. Products on the market today are almost using IP X4 or IP X5, this is a splash-proof water resistance meaning it can only avoid perspiration or water splashing across the surface, not water. .

However, with Soul ST – XS2 is completely different, the product is equipped with water resistance standards at the highest level currently is IP X7. With this standard, you can swim at a depth of 1m within 30 minutes without worrying about damaged headphones.

Soul True Wireless ST – XS2: Siêu phẩm tai nghe cho dân thể thao - Ảnh 4.

Transparent Audio Mode avoids unexpected situations

Due to the fact that current earphones, especially in-ears, are well-soundproofed, making the sound of the environment difficult to hear, it can cause many inconvenient situations when practicing. . To overcome this, the Soul ST – XS2 equips a feature that only high-end headphones have that is Transparent Audio Mode.

This mode allows external sounds and sounds to easily penetrate the headphones to your ears, so you can fully immerse yourself in your favorite songs while being alert to the environment. around. This feature is equipped on some high-end headphones priced at over 5 million such as SONY – WF1000XM3. However, the Soul ST – XS2 with a price of under 2 million VND is also equipped, it is very respectable.

Battery life lasts 2-3 days of training

A commendable point for Soul is that it has equipped the ST-XS2 with a USB-C standard charger that provides 4 times faster charging, only takes 3 hours to fully charge and the battery can be used for up to 25 hours. , twice as much as the ST-XS version.

If you listen to music continuously, the headset will use about 4 hours, in sleep mode, then after 40 hours to recharge. Very suitable for sports subjects often use headphones continuously when exercising.

Soul True Wireless ST – XS2: Siêu phẩm tai nghe cho dân thể thao - Ảnh 5.

Sound quality vibrant

Sound quality of Soul ST – XS2 is characterized by thick, deep and strong bass range. As a result, it is very suitable to listen to exciting music that makes the exercises simpler, more focused and more excited.

Other bands such as mid and treble are also reproduced moderately to help the pop ballads also perform well.

Some detailed specifications:

– Bluetooth v5.0 connection (HFP, A2DP, AVRCP)

– Headphones use IPX7 waterproof standard

– Battery use up to 25 hours

– USB-C standard charger

– Frequency range 20-20KHz

– Weight: 5g

– Size: 15W x 17H x 21D (mm)

Link to review the review of the SOUL ST-XS2 headset

With a very soft price, just under 2 million VND, the Soul ST – XS2 is a suitable product not only for sports people, gym people but also for everyone who needs to use a True headset. Cheap wireless, many features. The product has been distributed genuine in Vietnam, especially users can search and purchase through some Youtuber channels specializing in technology such as Tony Phung, Nam Anh Studio, FA Channel, etc.

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