Sophisticated plagiarism, Vietnamese game studio is facing a lawsuit of VND 3.4 billion from Riot

Tram Ho

So far, we often know about blatant plagiarism cases that come from “Chinese magicians”. From Among Us, even Warcarp. But in this article, the main character is not from a Chinese studio, but according to many sources from a Vietnamese studio.

 - Ảnh 1.

I Am Hero: AFK Tactical Teamfight – the hottest name on gaming forums lately because… blatantly stealing from the character creation to the plot of each character in the League of Legends universe. This is a product from a Vietnamese studio. The game follows the Auto Battle genre like Dota Auto Chess and TFT of League of Legends. The remarkable point here is that this studio is being rumored to be “copying 99%” and only changing the name to transform into its own product.

 - Ảnh 2.

Teemo into… “Tomee”?

The description of the character found by the gamer is a copy that does not deviate from a semicolon. Not only that, the skill does not have to be upgraded, but it is still suspected to be a “copy” of the company.

 - Ảnh 3.

 - Ảnh 4.

Change a word and of course become a new character

Right after that, Riot made a move to file a lawsuit in a California court about this heavy plagiarism act. This lawsuit not only causes this game to quickly die prematurely, but also makes this studio stand in front of a compensation of up to 3.4 billion VND. This is not the first time the League of Legends universe has been plagiarized. Tencent previously won $2.9 million in a lawsuit against Moontoon when the Mobile Legends game plagiarized ideas and characters.

Currently, the studio is still denying that this lawsuit comes from Riot. The case is still in trial.

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Source : Genk