Sony will hold a game launch event for PS5 on June 4

Tram Ho

Sony has recently officially confirmed it will host the next PS5 event on June 4. The event will take place at 1 pm (PDT), at 11 pm on 4/6 Vietnam time and will be livestreamed on both platforms Twitch and YouTube.

Sony sẽ tổ chức sự kiện ra mắt game cho PS5 vào ngày 4/6 tới đây - Ảnh 1.

“The games developed for the PS5 will represent the best in the electronics industry around the world. Studios, big or small, new or old, have worked hard. to develop games that will show the potential of hardware power on PS5. The event will last more than 1 hour and for the first time, we will experience the excitement together. “ , Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment said.

Recent reports also indicate that the upcoming PS5 event will mainly focus on the games released specifically for the PS5, as well as showing the user experience when playing these games on the new system. . This Sony event will not reveal much information about the new generation of gaming consoles, instead, the PS5 information will continue to be “teased” by Sony in the next events. The exact launch date of PS5 has not been disclosed yet.

“This event is part of the PS5 introduction series. And rest assured, after this event, we still have a lot to share with you about the PS5,” Jim Ryan emphasized.

Sony recently revealed quite a lot of information about its new PS5 system, from the new logo, the new chassis to an extremely powerful hardware configuration.

Sony sẽ tổ chức sự kiện ra mắt game cho PS5 vào ngày 4/6 tới đây - Ảnh 2.

New DualShock controller for PS5

Specifically, PS5 is expected to come with AMD Zen 2 custom 8-core chip, running at 3.5GHz and a custom GPU based on AMD RDNA 2 architecture that promises to bring computing power up. up to 10.28 teraflops.

In addition, a significant upgrade can not fail to mention on the PS5 is about SSD hard drive. The new system will be equipped with an 825GB hard drive with a speed of 5.5GB / s, making it possible to download 8K graphics data quickly.

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